Two Free Yards

Well, for goodness' sake. I was just beginning to thrash around in my stash to see if I have a good fabric to bind this quilt with (my son made the blocks along with me in the LQS BOM a few years ago...he hated it by the way...I don't know what he thought it was all going to be like but I made him finish them once he started), and I had little hope that I would find anything that would work, when the cell phone began to beep. It's my only phone and there hasn't been reception at the house (or indeed in a good portion of my neighborhood) for years -- used to work just fine. There was a faint reflection of one bar so I tried listening to the message and, garbled though it was, I think I heard the LQS telling me that my name was picked as one of the alternate BOM block winners and I heard that lovely phrase "two free yards". Or maybe it's one. Anyway, I'm going to drive back and pick out some binding for this quilt. Hooray!

I showed the Folk Art Applique quilt top at Show and Tell this morning and everybody just loved it. The other Show and Tell was also a quilt top only and was very pretty. I should really start taking a camera to BOM.

Bonnie and Lucy, have a wonderful visit!!


Melzie said...

Yay congrats :) Have fun! xoxo melzie

Gail said...

Terrific! congratulations - free fabric, what could be better?

Hanne said...

Good going on the show & tell :-)
Congratulations on the fabric prize !

ForestJane said...

Two free yards!

I could live with getting a call like that. How come most of my calls are from telemarketers?

Quilts And Pieces said...

I love that patriotic quilt. Someday maybe your son will love that quilt though! It will bring back fond memories for him that right now not his thing!

Anonymous said...
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