Tied-Up Design Wall

Lillebet's Garden has monopolized the design wall all summer. Hope I can get the remaining 10 sashing strips done and get LG assembled and off the wall before too long. I'd love to see something else up there for a change.

Tonight I'm going to meet friends at Super Suppers to get six entrees prepared, which will be 36 handy servings in the freezer. I've done this twice before and it certainly comes in handy.

You might enjoy seeing my daily painting that is a primitive portrait of a young girl standing before an applique quilt.


Triller said...

Hi Gaston, Jack an Ginger
I see yor MomCat is doing CAT portrits.
Dey looks good! Are dey for sale?
Your friend,

Libby said...

The quilt looks great -- I would have kept it up all summer just so I could admire my work *s* Thank you for sharing your painting. I enjoyed all that I saw there -- a new addition to bloglines, I think.

Linda C said...

Look at you go! painting and quilting both.

Passionate Quilter said...

your Lilleput Garden is looking great! Glad to see one done in person--LOL--I've only downloaded the patterns! *G* cute little painting--ahh--to be so talented!

Finn said...

Hi Karen, the LG quilt is going to be a beautiful one! But I can see where you'd want something different on the design wall after a while..LOL

A really neat little painting, your girl and applique quilt. I'm amazed by how small you are doing these..but I did check out your inspiration site, and can't believe he paints THAT small..amazing!!
Small to me is about 20" X whatever...LOL
Even the 9" X 12" canvas boards seem small.

Sweet P said...

I've been saving the files for Lillibet's Garden but haven't started it yet. Your's is beautiful!

I checked out the Super Suppers web site. We have a business like that next door to my sewing machine shop. One of these days I'm going to try it out.

Shelina said...

Your LG is beautiful. I like all the cool colors. I have made several blocks, but am behind on my BOM and here you are speeding along!

Your painting is pretty too.