Love the Cat

Tell you what, this is one Darn Good Cat :-) :

Meanwhile, four cat ears watch the pigeons (and why I ask you, do we suddenly have pigeons? what happened to our crows?):


Good Wives, Marion OH

Ah, my Silhouette No.1 pattern is on the wall at the charming Good Wives shop in Marion Ohio. Follow the link to see the other photos of their shop, oh die for Primitives!


Show and Tell - Repro Divas

While I was working on this blog post before Day Job, Rembrandt was first pulling pins out of a few bits of fabric on the table. I shrieked and grabbed those away from her, checking for pins in the mouth, then she started pushing the papers off the table, which is why the papers are now secured under the milk pail. And she never once blinked :-).

Show and Tell from Evening Repro Divas (we were supposed to make table runners and several of us actually did). The Day Group showed so many wonderful things I may borrow our noble leader's photos for the next post:


Chenille Comfort

I've been having fun these past several days working on this new pattern for a quilt (64" x 73") that uses chenille strips to edge the hexagon flowers and form the lattice pattern. You make the chenille strips from regular cotton fabric. I think it's the most fun to make the chenille in a print so it's multicolor. I used two different fabrics as well, which is easier to tell in the second photo. The outermost chenille edging is made of the black and white polka dot fabric that's in the little squares:

You can either create the machine quilting as you sew on the hexagon flowers and the chenille strips as I did, or you can sew the chenille on before sandwiching and quilt as desired in the usual way.

Here it is on my guest bed: