BB CW #48 and more DJ▲s

Still chugging along on the DJ triangles. I think I'm afraid that if I stop, I won't get back to them, but really there are other things that need doing :-).


The Day Before

Oh boy, I got a few things done, including three Dear Jane triangles and two BB CW blocks:

Got the next row of BB CW blocks sashed along with all of the cornerstone rows. All that remains is doing the final row of blocks and final assembly. I have a gray Stonehenge set aside for the borders.

All of the right side triangles are done, so I may put all of those together. Dear Jane is happening again!

Also, this wicker chaise lounge has been sitting in the carport for months, waiting for me to repair the broken supports underneath and the sprung reed coverings on the legs. Somebody threw it out and of course I dragged it home, thinking that it has just that right shabby chic gray patina. Out came the gorilla glue, the duct tape, companion supports to lash on next to the reglued broken ones, and the fish line and it may be fixed. Sit down slowly and carefully :-). I scrubbed it and sprayed it with Lysol, bought it a nice Poang cushion from IKEA, and inside it came:

Online jigsaw puzzles. Fun and pretty!

Finally, here is a quilt top that I got on eBay:
There's lots of nice fabric in it.



Hi, I hope everybody in the U.S. is having fun gearing up for Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving vacation begins at end of work day today, to last for an entire week. Huzzah! I hope to get a lot done.

After a severe struggle, Dear Jane Triangle RS03 is finished :-) :

Next on deck is RS05.

Timmy and I managed to hike Raven Cliff Falls again last week-end when he was unexpectedly home; that was great! And of course, we couldn't leave Helen without eating at the German restaurant Hofer's once again.


BB CW #46

BB CW #46; I love it! I know, I haven't made BB CW #45 yet! First time I got behind.


Blustery Day / Wonderful eBooks / Show and Tell

The weather outside at 6am is so uncharacteristically blustery and delightful; wish I could be out in it today. I woke up to an email from the ebook purchaser at the Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library saying that she had purchased books from the list I emailed her and that they were already available! I instantly checked out three. Thank you, D.M., what a wonderful gift!

Wonderful show and tell from last night's Prairie Women. Here are just a few of Becky B.'s incredible BB CW blocks:

The beginning of a wonderful quilt by Becky:

Oh, I wish you could hear the wind blow outside. This is SO not Georgia :-) . Still more lush Show and Tell:

And now. Our group leader, Muriel P., was giving one of her Women in History talks to a quilt guild in Gwinnett County. A woman came up afterwards and gave her an enormous stack of antique quilt tops! Please excuse my poor photos but you can get the gist of the tops anyway:

very large Ohio stars...

the best of the lot, a very early "dressmaker's scraps" type of quilt top. Unfortunately, you can't see how interesting so many of the prints are:

Aren't they beautiful. And finally, our project for next month, should we choose to accept it lol:



Is it really November already?

It took four days for me to get this BB CW #44 done :-). But I love it.

Blogging pictorially is sometimes not the easiest: I am making a Christmas swap gift (must not show), formulating another book proposal with a fellow quilter (can't show the projects), and then there is the new book (premature to show pictures). I am a shadow quilter LOL.

However! I can show you Karen at Log Cabin Quilter's wall quilts that she made from my patterns, Berks County 1850 and Album Quilt 1870; thank you for the kind words, Karen, and it's such a delight to see that you have made my patterns!

On the Kindle: one of the two public library systems I can borrow from offers eBooks, so am
currently reading one of their digital check-outs, What Jackie Taught Us: Lessons from the Remarkable Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

and last week read Remarkable Creatures: A Novel by Tracy Chevalier.

We are considering getting a few Kindles at Day Job for the students to check out or maybe just read in our new reading area we are setting up. There are free books offered every few days that they would enjoy reading, just for starters. Fabulous!