Much to Show

I have about a zillion photos to show you.  The reason is that there are Show and Tell photos, photos from the recent Quilt Expo in Atlanta, photos from the Country Living Fair that I attended yesterday with a good friend, and even a photo or two of my own doings :-).

I probably won't say too much about all of this because this is my only day at home and I have about a hundred things I would like to get done, including the ongoing painting of the sewing room (white and cream) and seemingly every piece of furniture that can't get away (gray).

Oh, first is a shot that's on my drive from work; kind of nice, eh?  I love railroad tracks:

Also, must show you these darling Halloween cupcakes made by LQ teacher BB; notice the hideous human bones on top :-):

Here is the latest BB Suffrage block.  The center square is too small for the image (shown below).  I'm trying to figure out how to redo this one (oh, just thought of a way):

Show and Tell:

This next set of blocks are from a very old pattern; Mary Ellen brought these to demonstrate how our tastes have changed in quilt fabric (well, really, there wasn't much available then, either), not to mention how casually quilt patterns were prepared back at the beginning of the current quilting craze (the pattern is all hand-written and in black and white).  Personally, I really like this pattern AND the bright primary colors; they certainly do evoke the 50s, don't they (not sure of the actual date of the pattern; Mary Ellen isn't old enough to have been quilting in the 50s, let me quickly interject)!

 This hexagon group below on the mottled neutral background is by Linda W., but it looks like something I would have done.  She needs to turn this project over to MOI maintenant (now):

Next are some quilts that were at Quilt Expo:

And to finish, a few photos from the Country Living Fair, which was very enjoyable.  The weather was beyond heavenly, not hot thank goodness, and people were really enjoying themselves.  Saw lots of famous crafters, such as the Earth Angel folks, and Magnolia Pearl.  There were antiques, crafts, and demos.  The place I hit the heaviest was the Amish bakery from Arthur IL :-).  The snickerdoodles, chocolate cookies, and dill bread are delicious, although in Indiana we like to call it dilly bread and we make it with cottage cheese, which is primo:

Oh my, I was so drawn to the quilt on top:


BB Suffrage 08

Squeak, no time to write, late for work!


Not Dead Fred

Well, as Not Dead Fred sings in Spamalot, I'm Not Dead Yet (listen to it on youtube if you aren't familiar with it: David Hyde Pierce (Niles on Frasier) has a job of piling up the plague victims and Lancelot happens along; it is the funniest thing.  I do have to go for another dang, er, blessed, treatment in a few minutes, with no end in sight.

No time for Show and Tell from Vintage Design Group, so that will have to wait until next time.  In the meantime, Kimber of Heirlooms by Ashton House posted a photo of Patty Barrett's A Bountiful Life (scroll way down).  It is heavenly and I believe I detect a blue ribbon on it.

I noticed that Marcie has a favicon by her blog name.  I wanted a favicon!  So I tried four different images with the time that I was going to use to try to get my last design wall up.  Oh well, it will be there waiting for me when I start feeling able again.  Meanwhile, can you tell that my favicon is a little girl's face (from one of my paintings)?  

Here are the design walls I have been working on all week plus newly-painted walls and trim:
The two narrow ones are 2x8'; the one on the left (only part shows) is 8x8'.  These three are on foamboard with white felt covering.  On the far wall opposite, I am working on a 6x12' wall that is simply cotton batting with white felt over it.  I will be all fixed up for design walls for a while, won't I.

Does anybody know the name of this quilt block?  A few pop up when I google Lilies of the Field or Lily of the Field but I'm not sure if that is correct, seems like more images would pop up if it were.


Several Things but maybe Design Wall for next Post

The BB Suffrage block for this week: deals with how women used to have to leave their children behind if they had to leave a marriage.  Also forfeited whatever fortune they had brought into the marriage since that automatically became part of the husband's assets upon the marriage.

I ordered this pillow cover from a Swedish company called Countrybymail.  When it arrived, I ironed it and inserted a pillow form in it and I had a new decoration, what could be easier lol??

I got this wonderful indigo hand-stitched quilt top on Saturday; the blocks are only 6-1/2" finished.  Made in Ohio:

a little motto card:

I worked and worked on Saturday and Sunday and now have my new design wall area almost done but not quite so I guess it will save for the next post.  I am hoping that wallpaper paste will hold up the foamboad design wall pieces; wish me luck because I don't think there is an Option B :-).