Stickle Almost Wins

Did parts of this one over again; mercy, time flyeth!


More Show and Tell

There is a monthly reading program going on at Day Job this year; this is a centerpiece I made for the monthly luncheon, for Romiette and Julio. Chosen students get to eat lunch with the principal. I made Romiette's journal with deckled pages and one of the diary entries written inside, the Scientific Soul Mate System kit that Destiny ordered through the mail, things that Romiette liked to collect (buttons, foil, safety pins), and things that Julio likes to do (play mandolin, swim, etc.):

Timothy has been eating from wall to wall during his leave; he even tried out one of the cooking chocolate squares. Yes, Timmy, it is unsweetened, just like it says on the box:

Have never seen this, but Rembrandt decided to join Jack on the chair. At first they were miserable, but they ended up sleeping cozily:

The two most recent DJs:

Courtesy of Kathy our Leader, photos from the day version of Repro Divas:


Show and Tell - Repro Divas

Here is the heavenly Yuwa fabric from Penelope's giveaway:

Nice with these two added fabrics; I'd like to add the mint green but did not have it in the stash...wouldn't it be terrific with it?

Here is evening Show and Tell from Repro Divas. I'll post K.'s pictures from day Repros next time. Here are some results of the George challenge:

Isn't this wonderful? J. used a bit of Lincoln fabric instead and followed Barb and Alma's directions for fabric boxes:

Here is my George:
First I cut out the flags from the George fabric and patched in the holes. Then I traced three fraktur figures done by the Sussel-Washington artist, Lancaster PA (name unknown) and painted them using acrylics. Now we have a new assignment for next Repro Divas, but first I really want to finish my George first. I'm picturing a border of HSTs in as antiquey fabrics as I can contrive.

N. is making my House Party pattern!

We also had our Les Fleurs class last Sunday:

Here is my Les Fleurs so far:

And here are some Les Fleurs worktables:


Timmy Graduates Boot Camp

video isn't working for me; I'll leave it in case it recovers

So Timmy graduated from Marines Boot Camp at Parris Island in a two-day event. I never saw so many delighted young men in my life once they broke for the five-hour base leave on Thursday. They simply radiated joy.
Interestingly, the young women who were also graduating, who follow the same routine as the guys, were much more calm and poised about the fact that they had gotten through boot camp.

Timothy said earnestly about five times that day, "Mom, I am so glad to see you."

He had asked me to send world news in his first letter (oh, he wrote his letters during the night in the bathroom, the only time and light available), so I sent him several sets of printouts of political and war news over the weeks that he was there. He said everybody looked forward to reading them since they had nothing to read and had no idea what was going on in the world.

You may know that some Marines enjoy battle. Their drill instructor came in one day terribly excited and said the United States was at war with some country or other, with whom there had been some contretemps. The drill instructor was so pumped and kept talking about it. The boot campees thought for several days we really were at war.

Some of the stories certainly made them sound like POWs. They had no idea what time it was. Using a survival manual furnished them by the Marine Corps (Timmy ended up with several because he scavenged things that got left behind by previous graduates -- they had current groups clean out the barracks of graduated groups), they built a rudimentary (Galaxy Quest, anybody?) sundial with pebbles and sticks outside their Bay, hoping that it would go unnoticed. They then signaled the time to one another while standing in formation.

As part of the treatment for the flesh-eating bacteria in his foot, Timmy went with other injured POWs on a bus to the hospital off-base. He sat there in complete happiness before the bus moved, anticipating looking out the window on the ride. But the drill instructor made them ride with their heads between their knees the whole way.

The drill instructor tormented Timothy several times with the fact that he is color-blind by holding up two sheets of colored paper and demanding to know which one was green. Timmy would pick one, the instructor would scream "that's wrong!" and Timmy would be off to do push-ups. Finally, the other recruits mentioned to Timmy that both sheets were green. When he told me this, I also reminded him that he does not have red-green blindness, so you see how rattled they get.

The inmates discovered a few bits of negotiation room with the drill instructors, however. Sometimes the instructor would burst into the barracks asking for computer help, for instance, how to attach a form to an email. Since a recruit would help them with the computer, the instructors would show the recruits how to address and stamp an envelope, because, to a man, none of them had ever sent a letter through the mail :-).

Ten of Timothy's friends showed up Friday for the final ceremony. One friend flew down from New York City.

T. said, oh, I just want to read. I want to fix my own food. I want to look at the internet. I want to talk to my friends. Once he and I were driving back to Atlanta, I said, "open your Christmas gift". He got it out and said, "what is it?" I knew then he was in an altered state, because he has always been able to glance at a wrapped gift and identify it. I even gave him a clue ("It's many books in one") and he still didn't know. It was a Kindle, of course, and he loves it.

While we were driving along, he bought a book he had tried to find in the base store and poof it downloaded instantly. How cool is that?

We stopped at Longhorn east of Macon for a delayed lunch. The manager came out and gave us Timmy's meal for free because he was in uniform. Need I say Mom was thrilled. When that happens, always remember to tip for the free meal as well; can you tell Mom spent years as a waitress.

We have been cooking. I started off with:
Potato Babka
red cabbage and apples
snickerdoodle cake

We teamed up for the next meal, together cooking:
Bavarian Beef
mashed potato/cauliflower
pumpkin pie

After having a party today and tonight with about 30 of his fellow Atlanta area boot camp graduates in Marietta (just giving you Mariettans a heads-up), we are going to cook dinner on Wednesday:
Ethiopian Chicken
Chocolate Cookies

If we get a chance at another dinner, I have the fixings for Swedish Meatballs.


Day Job Resumes

So, it's been a lovely break, but now it's time to head off to Day Job in half an hour. During break, got the carpet, padding, furring strips, and staples out of two bedrooms and a hallway, along with a start on the living room a.k.a. sewing room and finishing cleaning up carpet removal from the stairs. That is very satisfying and pretty good for a person with shoulders that obviously should have had rotator cuff surgery years ago.

The furniture needed to be moved out for this operation, of course, which led to rearrangement of the furniture in my bedroom and the library (the other bedroom). I moved these glass-door bookcases upstairs into my bedroom, along with lots of books and got the entire book collection as a whole rearranged. Very happy to have this done, and that took another day.
I went without television for a few months this fall, and for the year before that, had been losing channels steadily due to Comcast's changes. So when I got AT&T with scads of channels even in its basic version, along with its dandy DVR installed shortly before vacation began, I was thrilled and glutted myself on TV, searching for and recording shows that I hadn't seen for ages or hadn't seen at all. Definite funtime :-).

What I did quilting-wise can't be shown for one reason or another. Oh OK you can see the latest Stickle; is that a thrill or what??

Really can't show this one, but it is an entire quilt top, construction of which consumed all of one of my 18 vacation days:

This is a detail from the challenge project for Repro Divas:

this being the inspiration block:

This is a detail from the third Les Fleurs du Jardin block, which, I am horrified to realize, consumed four days of work:

Did not get to everything on the Quilting To Do list, needless to say, but that will just roll over to January's goals.