Do You Have My Fat Pants?

A friend and I made last visits to our respective Favored Foodies (for me, a blue cheese burger at Loop Grill and multiple Tuna Subways with white chip macadamia nut cookies on the side), then turned ourselves in to Weight Watchers:

They were waiting for us. Recently, I've been depending on my black fat pants to get me through the week. I had several tops I enjoyed wearing with them, especially a lightweight brown and white polka dot ruffly top. Then one morning the pants disappeared. I can't find them anywhere. I'd like to report that they got left behind on some big date, but for starters, I would hope I wouldn't wear Fat Pants on a big date. No, they have somehow just gone and I must scour the secondhand store for another pair.

Just prior to this, Rembrandt was running along the curtains next to the ceiling, so you can imagine her mood if you couldn't tell from her pop eye:

Just look at this!! It is my House Party pattern made by a Second Saturday Sampler Little Quilts patron, who put the SSS blocks into the house pattern. As a matter of fact, I was working in the shop when she chose the fabrics and then I happened to be working at the Show and Tell for SSS and there it was. Doesn't it look great?

Stickle blocks...


Circuit Rider's Quilt

**note: all pattern orders going out today; thank you for ordering :-) **

Began Circuit Rider's Quilt along with the Little Quilts BOM that began Saturday, with the same background as the BOM, but with different fabrics. Had every intention of reproducing the original fabrics as closely as possible, but instead picked up this great old plaid and will be using that for stems and leaves along with rust and other accents:

(The blue graph lines of the cardboard cutting board showed, so I filled the background, that's why it doesn't look much like fabric).

My very dear pal:

I am proud of my new camera; please enlarge Rembrandt's picture to see the close-up!

and a Stickle:


ah, Saturday

This paper-pleated lady sends you good wishes:

But Rembrandt is also climbing...

and pausing...

and continuing to the rafters to shout to all "Happy Valentine's Day"!

P.S. More Stickles:



Two new wall quilt patterns and a second version of Feedsack Bunnies. Heeere's those Bunnies:

"1840s Baskets" , 20" x 20", is based on an antique quilt:

"Homestead Toile", 17" x 22-1/2", is a mix of black, brown, and ecru:

The toile is the Andover bird toile that is often used with Jo Morton fabrics.

Latest Stickle block:


Squares and Triangles

A good friend mailed me a yard of Desirable Fabric that she found on her travels; she requested a variety of reproduction squares in return, so I cut these up this morning before work:

Latest Stickle triangle:

Short visit with son, briefly home from his latest college campus:
son: "Hi, Mom! Short visit, I just need to get a shower and I'm off for the Officer Candidate School's Combat Fitness Test, then it's back to campus for a Very Important Football Game I'm playing in. [shower] Okay, Mom, I'm off, I'll be back on the 20th."
mom: "Why the 20th?"
son: "There's a military ball at Tech, and I'm taking this girl."
mom: "What girl? Is it that crazy girl?" [from earlier conversation]
son: "What crazy girl? Oh, her. Wow, she's seriously crazy. She's in [a southern town] now."
mom: "In a facility?"
son: [laughing] "No, Mom, at school!"
Son leaves and Mother realizes that she never found out who the dance girl is.