BB Suffrage #12, Holiday Bliss, and Giveaway

Latest Barbara Brackman Grandmother's Choice, or as it is called in my little file, suffrageblock12:

This is the wonderful Victoria Classics Holiday Bliss that I recently won from Kimber at Heirlooms by Ashton House.  You know that Kimber is a very busy editor.  She edited many of the features in this magazine,  
including the Cranwell Resort hotel profile:
and Winter Symphony, just to mention a few.  The magazine is so beautiful; be sure to get your copy:
And thank you, Kimber, for doing your giveaway.  

Here is my giveaway: two copies of my book, A Bountiful Life.  Just mention in Comments what you treasure about the upcoming holidays:
Good Luck!  Rembrandt will choose the winners.  I will try to curb her hideous tendency to show favoritism. 


voting at mortonmasterpiece.com

The voting began today on mortonmasterpiece.com.  Of course you know which one is MY favorite it's KAREN'S version of A Bountiful Life that I have shown you.  

Isn't it adorable!!!  I am truly in shock over this quilt, the bright Jo fabrics, Karen's divine applique technique, those dear, dear bird/fruit/animal motifs, oh what could be better. 

Anyway, go vote (no ulterior motive there of course bwahhhhaaaahaa)!  

Here is a screenshot of Karen's description, etc.:

Oh....what else was I going to say.....oh yes, a very nice lady named Diann asked me how I am printing the photos on fabric for the BB Suffrage blocks, which I think you all know, but she probably doesn't realize she has her email set on the infamous "no-reply" so Diann, first I print the templates for the block using EQ7.  I measure the template(s) that will be printed on Printable Treasures fabric (which you print on your inkjet printer), then I go into Photoimpact (in my case; any photo editing software) and that's when I start fiddling with what I'm going to print, i.e., get the size right, pour in some color that I might be trying to match to some real fabric that will be in the block, add some text, and things like that.  It can get detailed and sometimes I drive myself crazy with it and have to print a few times and that printable fabric isn't cheap.  Sigh.  But you all are familiar with Quilt Addiction.

I am just so very grateful that today begins my holiday from work until a week from Monday.  Thankful, thankful.


BB Suffrage #11

This week's BB Suffrage block is a schoolhouse and has to do with the shocking lack of education available to women in the first few centuries of America's colonial and early republic life, i.e., how when Lucy Stone wanted to go to college, the only option was Oberlin.  I have always been so proud of the fact that Oberlin is in Ohio, my birth state.  The background areas in the block are sections of an old map of the Oberlin College area.


BB Suffrage #10

BB Suffrage #10.  Took a while to figure out how to summarize the content of BB's post; so much more could have gone in but where lol?