Blooming Nine Patch Budding

Worked on it all day yesterday and this am before work. The assembled section:

and the still-to-assemble section on the design wall:

It was going to be so massive that I took out the second color, which called for some unsewing and resewing. And aren't we always relieved when we force ourselves to make those unsewing corrections... I just love it and am really pushing to get it assembled so I can get back to earlier projects :-) .


Blooming Nine Patch

Oh for heaven's sake, and it was about the best seam I ever sewed:

Ah, that's better, Dear Jane M13:

Bought a devil toy for a little devil:

Rembrandt-Devil helping me cut sashings:

At work at the LQS last Saturday, I saw the most gorgeous Blooming Nine Patch done all in creams. I must be the last person on Quilting-Earth to hear about this pattern. Here is my version so far; am waiting on reinforcements to do more:

I decided to put a Whig Rose in the center of the Pennsylvania Stars Around the Garden, since it's supposed to be a garden after all and I've always wanted to make a big Whig Rose. This one will be 21" square. Finished the final star block for that one, so those are finally all done. Still don't know what to put in the center of the blue-brown version, and am working on the last two star blocks for it.


Janes and Stars

Crunch time to decide what to put in the centers of the two colorways for Stars Around the Garden (not to mention the borders). Shelved the lattice idea for the Pennsylvania version. Now what to do. A straightforward Mariner's Compass?

A more intriguing Mariner's Compass?

A Whig Rose?

The Blue and Brown version. Decided on the sashing and perhaps will do the center version as shown in the pattern...

Two Dear Janes...


Indigo, DJs, Jo Show and Tells

Saw these pretty indigos at the Yellow Daisy Festival last week-end here in Atlanta at Stone Mountain Park:

Didn't see quite the right indigo fabric to get, but definitely couldn't resist this pretty antique button jewelry set:

There have been lots and lots of apples this year on my heirloom apple trees:

And this year, they weren't plundered by others (chomp chomp all mine). One variety called Melrose was particularly delicious.

Inspired by Judy, I whipped up a Jo's Little Women pattern that I skipped doing a few months ago. Do you see the little cabin in this one, Theresa? Thank you for sharing that fabric with me :-)!

Jo's Little Women Show and Tells from Tuesday evening:

Got caught up on my Dear Janes:

despite the presence of:



**Rembrandt read another book. I do appreciate your comments on his blog so much:
Rembrandt's Blog

More You-Know-What Blocks:

A new quilt...need something in the center...