New Print Combo

Put these four together yesterday from LQS; aren't they scrumptious?? Now must formulate a small wall quilt for them. The lines are Home to Roost, English Pathways, Apple Cider, and Olde Cedar Chest.

Lost five pounds so far on the Diet Re-Do (note link to Boring Diet Blog at right :-) )!


I'm Late, I'm Late

Late for Day Job. Repro Divas: Show and Tell and Antique Quilts. Finished taxes yesterday morning. Lost weight over on Karen the Happy Dieter. Good-Bye!


Vacation Over

On the last day of vacation, our Les Fleurs class met. Here are our Blocks #7 (oh and a Block #1):

I'm so pleased, my Berks County 1850 pattern, all kitted, is also going to Paducah along with the Feedsack Bunnies. I hope they all have a great time. Maybe I, the human, can also go to Paducah one of these years :-).

Most unexpectedly, Timmy came home on a week's leave. It was so wonderful to see him again after almost no communication for the past few months. He now has a phone and expects to get a netbook, so communication should improve. Here he is trying on a Union cap at the Kennesaw Mountain Museum:

Timmy is doing fabulously and helped me so much last week and also spent lots of time with his friends. He told one funny story after another. The only funny thing I can remember (having a memory like a flea) is when I knocked on the bathroom door and asked if I could reach in and get my glasses off the counter and Timmy said, "Mom. No problem. I have long since lost all sense of personal space."

P.S. A commenter set to no-reply asked where I would be at Paducah. Sadly, only my patterns will be there and they will be in the Little Quilts booth. People, you need to get in there and set your preferences so your email shows up. I feel bad when somebody asks me a question and I can't simply hit reply and answer.

P.P.S. I started doing my taxes. Am I starting too early?

P.P.P.S. A boring new post on my dieting blog. Is there anything more tedious than tracking one's weight and exercise? But it must be done.



Spent Monday moving furniture from Home to Antiques Booth (Big Shanty, K-14) via a rented cargo van (my minivan, I miss you) and with Timmy's help, who is home on leave this week from the Marines.

Less furniture led to a more pleasing arrangement in the sewing area (yes, I am between floors lol):

Instead of preparing Feedsack Bunnies patterns for the Paducah trip like I was supposed to do this morning before work at the LQS, I began a new blog: Karen the Happy Dieter.


Easter Project

Last week, I prepped the applique and cut out the pieces for a new shop sample. Yesterday, I did the embroidery, pieced, and completed this second version of my Feedsack Bunnies pattern:

These Bunnies are traveling to Paducah with the Little Quilts booth. Have fun, Bunnies!