Vacation Over

On the last day of vacation, our Les Fleurs class met. Here are our Blocks #7 (oh and a Block #1):

I'm so pleased, my Berks County 1850 pattern, all kitted, is also going to Paducah along with the Feedsack Bunnies. I hope they all have a great time. Maybe I, the human, can also go to Paducah one of these years :-).

Most unexpectedly, Timmy came home on a week's leave. It was so wonderful to see him again after almost no communication for the past few months. He now has a phone and expects to get a netbook, so communication should improve. Here he is trying on a Union cap at the Kennesaw Mountain Museum:

Timmy is doing fabulously and helped me so much last week and also spent lots of time with his friends. He told one funny story after another. The only funny thing I can remember (having a memory like a flea) is when I knocked on the bathroom door and asked if I could reach in and get my glasses off the counter and Timmy said, "Mom. No problem. I have long since lost all sense of personal space."

P.S. A commenter set to no-reply asked where I would be at Paducah. Sadly, only my patterns will be there and they will be in the Little Quilts booth. People, you need to get in there and set your preferences so your email shows up. I feel bad when somebody asks me a question and I can't simply hit reply and answer.

P.P.S. I started doing my taxes. Am I starting too early?

P.P.P.S. A boring new post on my dieting blog. Is there anything more tedious than tracking one's weight and exercise? But it must be done.


Heckety said...

Those blocks are lookin' good! One of these days I'll try more intricate appliqué- at present all I can get right is circles and stalks. Working on it though!

Isn't it lovely when the off-sprung spring back for a visit? With my sister back from South America everyone came back at the weekend and it was such fun.

Julie-Ann said...

All of the blocks are lovely. Which one is your block?

Tim looks great and I'm glad he surprised you with a visit. He really does have a great sense of humor.

Maybe sometime we can do a road trip to Paducah!

Lori said...

The blocks are wonderful!!
How fun to have your son home for a bit to get caught up. Love his sense of humor!!

Connie said...

Enjoy your son and may god will kept him safe! your blocks are winderful! Happy Sewing or should I say Happy taxing!

Michele said...

OMG Karen!!! I just saw your Primitive Children patterns, and I am in looooooove!! The Album 1870, is the cleverest use of that fabric I could ever imagine!! I am blown away (more exclamation points). Gosh, as soon as they take of the fraudulent Al Jazeera charge off my Visa, I'm ordering. Michele (not kidding about the fraudulent charge :( )

MARCIE said...

Oh that Timmy is so cute! And he seems to like uniforms! I am glad to see you are getting to your taxes. Are you part of the 2% who think we should pay more?
Wonderful blocks--such fun you have!

Libby said...

Taxes! Are we supposed to doing that now? *uh oh*

It's so great that Timmy got to come home on leave at the same time you had a break - much more time to spend together that way *s*

Betty said...

Great picture. Hope he'll be home again soon.