Over the River and Through the Woods

Hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving; Vogel State Park was so nice that my son and I went up there for a few days over Thanksgiving. I fixed the meal as low-fat, no-fat, Splenda-ized as possible and do you know, it was all absolutely delicious. We did some rugged hikes, one a loop trail out from the park up to a view of Lake Vogel:

from Brasstown Bald:

on the Raven Cliffs hike:

around the lake:

More pics if you are interested:

I saw this needlework frame and hoops at an antique mall in Hiawassee on the first trip and went back and got it the second time. I love the little bit of age that it has and though it may have been intended as a needlepoint frame, I think it will work well for quilting wall hanging sized quilts:


Quiltmaking Study

Hi there, a quick post; my son and I are driving up to Vogel State Park where I stayed a few week-ends ago for Thanksgiving. I figured it would be easy to fix Thanksgiving dinner in the cabin's brand-new kitchen with the full-size fridge (and microwave!) and we will do a lot of hiking. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Last night was Quiltmaking Study class at Little Quilts. Photos are from Show and Tell.

This one was made in a Little Quilts class (that I also took; did a version in very bright colors with little embroidered faces in the centers) that taught the use of the Pineapple Ruler; she used a lot of fabrics from Wuthering Heights and may use a Chocolat fabric for the border she will add.

This is a quilt created by attending the Little Quilts Second Saturday Sampler from a few years ago. I have this one made into a top but not quilted yet (as ever).

Circle quilt, such bright happy colors!

A Little Quilts employee showed us the beginnings of her antique quilt collection; her husband bought her two quilts on eBay to get the collection started. This quilt is from a Kentucky estate. It looks like it might have been made in Ohio or Indiana, though, to me.

These last three photos are of a lovely sampler applique quilt called Les Fleurs du Jardin, I believe, and is also the result of a (year-long) quilt class taught at Little Quilts. Isn't it amazing?? The quilting was sent out to be done by a local longarm quilter, I'm assuming in the Marietta area.


Nell's Flower Shop

Been waiting forever it seems for this line to become available. Love it!!


*Weight Watchers (original weight/current/goal)


Jo Morton Club #2

Here we are at Jo Morton Club at LQS seeing some wonderful photos of Jo Morton's own quilts taken at Jo's recent appearance at a local quilt guild here in Georgia, with our teacher Kathy Neimann at the computer; she gave us each a CD of the photos. That is Gail at the far right, and two more Little Quilts employees just to the left of Kathy. They had just worked a nine-hour day in the quilt shop, I'm sure everybody else had a busy day too, and I had just finally completed the week and a half of jury duty about two hours earlier; as Kathy said, you have to love quilting to be willing to go to a night class after working all day long.

The trial was a child molestation case; there were two holdouts against conviction and it took us a day and a half of very spirited debate/discussion before getting a verdict. He was sentenced to 15 years, no reduced sentence possible.

Here is my Club quilt so far...applique is not my strong quilty point, so getting this much applique done by hand was a Big Deal for moi :-). The 1" 25-patch blocks will go around the center block.

Weight Watchers: 190.8/166/135 (but haven't lost a pound in TEN DAYS despite being On Points)


Howdy, Getaway, and Jo Morton

A huge thanks to everybody for posting their good wishes re pneumonia; you are all wonderful! Kaiser doctor said it is an infection but not pneumonia so since the trial was destroying the last shreds of my sanity I drove up to Vogel State Park in north Georgia for the week-end. It was fabulous. The fall color was still gorgeous. First sunny and very warm, then on Saturday it got deliciously rainy and overcast (just love stormy weather) and the temperature plummeted. Listened to the wind blowing around the cabin all night. It was 80 degrees in Atlanta Friday afternoon and 37 degrees at the Park on Sunday morning.

There were all kinds of photo ops with the light and then rain dancing on the little lake in front of the cabins.

This is the Park Cat, evidently. He was very friendly and wanted a handout but didn't want the hot dog bit I gave him.

This gourd display was at the entrance to the camp store.

Came home and completed the Challenge top.

Now I need to prepare a bit for the next Jo Morton Club class; here is the layout for the Jo Morton Swap blocks. Oooh I just love all the Jo Morton prints all mixed up like this. I want to get it together to take to the class to show everybody.


Hi there

Haven't posted in a while. My son has had pneumonia, I am now serving on a trial jury, and I think I have pneumonia myself. My last quilting activity was actually very neat, there's just no photo: I met an email friend, who generously showed me her brand-new longarm setup, which as you can imagine, was so much fun. That's it for now, I'm off to bed at only 6pm!!