Sunday Evening

My 365 Days blog: 365

BB CW #39:

and the quilt so far:

I'm revisiting earlier projects. Made a Dear Jane triangle, TR01:


Snowbird Lodge, Smokies

So Timothy and I spent Monday and Tuesday in the Smokies at Snowbird Lodge in Robbinsville NC: good food, hiking, canoeing, tennis, and backgammon. Finally, nice cool mountain air! It was fabulous.
Thank you for mentioning this lodge on your blog, Gretchen~
Snowbird Lodge is in Graham County NC, which is mostly National Forest and Cherokee land, and has only about 8,000 inhabitants.

I noticed that Lucy has a "365 Days" blog; I decided that would be fun, so began one also:
Karen 365 Days. Maybe you would like to start one, also!


More Quilt Show

This is Best of Show / winner in Pieced/Applique / Viewer's Choice :


Captive Laptop and BB CW #38

I was going to post the rest of the quilt show pics this morning but they are on the laptop.
Which Timothy is sleeping with:

So later on that. Meanwhile, here is BB CW #38 with Harpers Ferry in the center:


Snapshots - East Cobb Quilt Show

A sampling of the show quilts from the Preview Party last night. These are about half of what I took. I will post the second half either tonight or Saturday morning. There are so many more, all wonderful. It's a huge, excellent show.

News: First time ever, I have a book due to be published by Kansas City Star in February! More on that later, but *so exciting* several excellent quilters and friends contributed to the featured quilt and three of them won ribbons last night, including a second place; one double winner; one triple winner that includes Best of Show, Pieced/Applique, and Viewer's Choice!!

Here are the snaps: