Saturday Morning

On Thursday, our Winsome Wreaths (Kathy Schmitz) group met for the second time. Muriel arranges three of the tables in a group so we can all see one another and we just stitch. It is very pleasant!

Okay, so I have the entire week-end free and am hoping to make Great Quilty Accomplishments. It's always fun to start off the Saturday by making the latest BB CW:
Thank you to those who are praying for my Timmy; some of you are on "no-reply" so I can't email you back to say thank you.


Saturday Fluctuations

Repro Divas had a Mug Mat Swap (I forgot my camera for one of the best Show and Tells ever -- most to be posted in a future post --, so photos so far are borrowed from Repro Divas Yahoo Group that our Fearless Leader has posted). Day Group:

and a gift tag made for the bottom right star mat made by the incredible bb:

Evening Group:

I received two! bb from Day Group left this for me for some trifling thing I did; I was thrilled!! Now I have pieces of original art from bb, the mat and the gift tag!

and here is my swap gift from Miss D! It has found a home for now along with the plaque from my friend Betty about a Bad Day of Quilting beating a Good Day at Work HOW TRUE lol:
Thank you, Miss D! Miss D also received my swap gift :-).

Here is Old Swedish so far:
I decided to try to make it 3 sets by 4 sets for a smallish twin-size quilt, so that means 8 sets to go, or 32 blocks.

Latest Barbara Brackman Civil War block. I cleverly put blue and gray for the opposite sides:

Here is the quilt so far:

On a sad note, Stray Cat had been gone for many days. I had written him off. Him or her. He would never let me get closer than 10 feet or so. He wouldn't be tempted by treats being tossed to him. Especially since I had the terrible bad luck to smack him in the face with them twice, upon which he wrote me off as the most dangerous human he knew. If only I had gone outside last night but when I got up this morning, there was he was dead by the woodpile where he often sat. I managed to go bury him (I am foolishly squeamish). He hadn't been dead long although an animal had been at him. Hard to think about how he didn't come around for that period of time for whatever reason, but at the end came back to the human who had been feeding him regularly. Don't go there; I feel sick.

But then not ten minutes later, I got a phone call from Timmy from Afghanistan! Does life swoop you up and down and up again or what?? He is in great spirits, is horrified by what he has seen of Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan, and so far has had boring duties. I say, may the boredom continue!


BB CW #6

The latest Barbara Brackman Civil War block:

and now it's on to the rest of the week-end!