Saturday Morning

On Thursday, our Winsome Wreaths (Kathy Schmitz) group met for the second time. Muriel arranges three of the tables in a group so we can all see one another and we just stitch. It is very pleasant!

Okay, so I have the entire week-end free and am hoping to make Great Quilty Accomplishments. It's always fun to start off the Saturday by making the latest BB CW:
Thank you to those who are praying for my Timmy; some of you are on "no-reply" so I can't email you back to say thank you.


Libby said...

Delicious - you have the most delightful fabrics in your quilts! Hope you have a wonderful and productive weekend . . . . can't wait to see the results *s*

Ruth said...

I like your fabrics. I'll probably do mine later today. It's an easy one - I love easy blocks!

Gretchen said...

Love your blocks! They are just beautiful!!!

Lori said...

I'm hoping to be quilty productive today too!
Love your shamrock stitcery and new CW block.

Taryn said...

How did you get a week free without a layer of ice??

antique quilter said...

oh love that shamrock how cute!
yup I was thinking St Patricks day this week too :)
love your new pattern by the way...cozy home how did I miss that?

Micki said...

Your fabrics for the Civil War block were amazing.You know, I would love the shamrock!

Barb said...

love the crown on the stitchery -
Great new CW block, and wonderful fabric placement.

Julie-Ann said...

You've been busy! Coming from Wisconsin (if you follow the news), I love the "Union" fabric!

Tim's letter is great. I know you treasure it and thanks for sharing. Postive energy is sent to both of you!