A Finish!

So, while in Little Quilts only yesterday, I was checking to see if there was a good border fabric to add to my spiderweb quilt top. M. and A. had the idea to do an inner border in cheddar and an outer border in the Buggy Barn purple print; I thought the champagne backing fabric would look great with all of this. Are these prints not fantastic?

So off I went today to dear friend C.'s to longarm this quilt (after I got up at, well I won't even say, it was so early, to put the borders on), and got it quilted (bless you, C!), came home and got it bound:

Rembrandt decided it is a nice playing field for his catnip mouse:


"Emails from College"*

*Actually, this is a phone conversation with DS about to leave for Marines Boot Camp in Parris Island:
Mother: "Timothy, this is your mother. What is that thing on your bedroom floor?"
Timmy: (thinking) "Uhhh...."
Mother: "Just tell me one thing: is it, or has it ever been, alive?"
Timmy: "Oh, that's my catfish pillow."
(well, of course. I should have known that)
Mother: "When are you leaving for boot camp again?"
Timmy: "Soon, Mommy, soon."

Ugh, here it is. Imagine seeing this in low light conditions. I swear it looks like its bloated stomach is rising and falling:

and here is Rembrandt looking for a catfish sandwich:

More DJ blocks:


The Three Levels of Hysteria

On the least-hysterical level, I completed two more DJs (you have to be able to handle a certain level of hysterical obsession to be able to do DJs):

On the second hysteria level, imagine a megatropolis-wide flood situation - Atlanta -, in which the school system is not closed but should be (yesterday). In that situation, what is more fun than one inner-city school student population? Why, two inner-city school student populations, when the entire student body from a neighboring flooded-out school came to spend the day at our school.

On the highest hysteria level (off the Mommy chart), after ignoring Timmy's room for a few weeks while he comes and goes (mostly goes), I innocently walked back there to put some fabric scraps in the basket I keep in that hallway closet. Without turning on the lights. It is 6:30am and still dark out. With sudden dread, I realized that there was a ... something ... laid out on the carpet, about six feet long, exactly the size of a dead body (one of his teen-aged friends, perhaps, who got left behind?), only it seemed to have large straw-like whiskers like a human-size catfish ... it had a gray bloated face ... I really did not want to see it clearly so shut the hallway door on the whole horrific thing and after a few despairing shrieks, am waiting for, say, 8:00am to call not-so-dear Timmy, wherever he may be, for an explanation. What is it. I am alone in this house. Except for The Thing. Could the Atlanta flood have washed it in through the open window??


Quilt Show Pix

First, two more DJs...and the original Dear Jane book just revealed itself to me on my bookshelf, where I thought it was but apparently it has been taking a cosmic journey and just returned because it was not there before. Now I have little Dear Jane twin books :-).

Now have four rows of DJJ (Dear Dear Jane) together.

and on to the show...


East Cobb Show #1

First, I want to show you the group of Stars Around the Garden quilts done in last year's Little Quilts' class led by Mary Ellen von Holt. They are all based on the same pattern, but my didn't we go off in different colorway and subject directions!