The Three Levels of Hysteria

On the least-hysterical level, I completed two more DJs (you have to be able to handle a certain level of hysterical obsession to be able to do DJs):

On the second hysteria level, imagine a megatropolis-wide flood situation - Atlanta -, in which the school system is not closed but should be (yesterday). In that situation, what is more fun than one inner-city school student population? Why, two inner-city school student populations, when the entire student body from a neighboring flooded-out school came to spend the day at our school.

On the highest hysteria level (off the Mommy chart), after ignoring Timmy's room for a few weeks while he comes and goes (mostly goes), I innocently walked back there to put some fabric scraps in the basket I keep in that hallway closet. Without turning on the lights. It is 6:30am and still dark out. With sudden dread, I realized that there was a ... something ... laid out on the carpet, about six feet long, exactly the size of a dead body (one of his teen-aged friends, perhaps, who got left behind?), only it seemed to have large straw-like whiskers like a human-size catfish ... it had a gray bloated face ... I really did not want to see it clearly so shut the hallway door on the whole horrific thing and after a few despairing shrieks, am waiting for, say, 8:00am to call not-so-dear Timmy, wherever he may be, for an explanation. What is it. I am alone in this house. Except for The Thing. Could the Atlanta flood have washed it in through the open window??


Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

I think I prefer level one hyteria.


buttonsagain said...

ohmy karen...the great flood with double the student fun...yikes...and the leviathan in timmy's room?
do you at least have the day off today?
and now that the show is over do you have a million new projects waiting to be started?

sending rubber boots and soggy hugs...bb

Julie-Ann said...

I hope you have the day off. My nephews terrace level apartment is Marietta is trashed. It is a bad situation where you are.

I would have got a gun and blasted that thing - what ever it is!

P.S. love the purple block!

Lori said...

I'll take level one and that's it! What kind of people do they have running the school system to combine them? I bet nothing much got accomplished anyway.
Strange creatures in the house!? OMG! No way!!!

Karen said...

I'm waiting for an explanation of the creature!
How do you decide what fabric you are going to use for the DJ blocks?

Gretchen said...

Lovely DJ blocks as always! Sounds like a nightmare at school--I'm so glad you have the day off today. I am betting that the creature in your son's bedroom has something to do with college (homecoming? chemistry experiment? prank planning?). Hope it's not hungry....

MARCIE said...

Oh that Timmy! Did it smell? Was it really alive once? How can you leave us in suspense? And yet you still get your DJ blocks done. Are you doing one from each book now?

MelissaS said...

Have you been eaten by THE THING? We need closure, and know you're alright!