Charity Auction

Several people have expressed an interest in having some of my mother's crafts.  While I am very attached to anything that she made, she was such a prolific artist that she did leave literal rooms full of quilts, paintings, and other hand crafts to me.  I've pulled out items that had special significance to me, and am planning on putting the rest of her items into a charity auction with all the proceeds going towards the Colon Cancer Alliance (http://www.ccalliance.org).

I'm still doing preliminary research, but hope to sell the items in an online auction opening the first week of March.  As I finalize the plans, I'll keep you posted.



This is Tim.  My mom died on Friday night at her home in Atlanta.  She passed relatively calmly, surrounded by me, her pets, and the attending nurses.  The crafting community and this blog gave her a lot of joy.  Thanks so much for being a part of her life and sharing these experiences with her.