Nine More Workdays

Wowwww nine more workdays until summer break, almost ten weeks that I can devote to Non-Stop Quilting hehe. If only that were true, but of course there are lots of other things that must be done as well. But quilting will definitely be the focus. The topic for the summer is: Finish Quilts.

Finished Corny Top except for two binding sides:


Ran out of the house a few mornings ago and noticed that the amaryllis was about to bloom. I didn't even see it before this:

Gaston is evaluating the 6-inch block I did yesterday at work. They were doing testing in the media center so (devastation) all I could do was stay at my desk and quilt. This is the first block I've ever stitched by hand. The fabrics are what we received at Second Saturday Sampler for the May BOM but I did a different block than what was suggested. I keep finding cute blocks in an old block book I have by Maggie Malone that I want to try, so I did this one instead.
And these are the 6" applique blocks so far that are presented at each Second Saturday Sampler day, that are designed by Muriel Pfaff.


the best

1990...best thing that ever happened to me.
**Happy Mother’s Day** everybody!


Kaffe Fassett

Some Stack n Whack / One Block Wonder blocks from a Kaffe Fassett print (more interesting if you enlarge pic). Instead of putting them right next to one another, I want to do a brown gingham sashing. Tried the one quilt shop I can reach after work last night with no luck. Wasn't really expecting them to have it, it's not a Brown Gingham sort of shop. So what's a Dedicated Quilter to do? Naturally take a day off work to go check other shops. Que veux-tu??
Of course, once you've done one set of these blocks (and surely I must be the last one on the block to try a set), you get addicted and want to make more. I had nothing of sufficient length in my fabric collection suitable for these things, so have ordered a few more fabrics to try out:
I especially can't wait to see the third one cut up.