BB CW and a Phone Call

BB CW #35:

I was glued to the Weather Channel for a few days as they said a hundred year storm was coming to the entire eastern U.S. coast. I didn't hear from Timothy before Irene's U.S. landfall, which, I would like to point out, was probably about 11 feet from his Marines barracks right on the ocean in Jacksonville NC. Once landfall was underway there, I figured there was definitely no chance of a call. At what was probably the storm's height there, the phone rang. Timmy was confined to the room, water was blowing in around the door (which opens to the ocean and a flimsy catwalk). There was water running down the walls because he is on the top floor and the roof was leaking, the power was out, and he only had one book. He was bored, so we talked for an hour.


Saturday Evening, This Past Week, and Welcome Back Home

Last week's BB CW:

First attempt at this week's BB CW. No go:

2nd version:

Never did I think I would ever say this to people after seven years of misery working in the school system, but with this totally unexpected school relocation, I am working with teachers who have smiles on their faces, who walk up to me and say "you will love working here", and "we have a wonderful principal". Believe me, I have never experienced anything like this in the past seven years (that seem like a hundred). I am stunned at this stroke of good luck.

Am so glad to report that Timothy is back on U.S. soil as of Wednesday night. You can imagine the relief. He got a phone and called Thursday night. That Marines hotline recording said he would be back on Monday evening. What if I had driven the eight hours up there only to discover no Timothy? I would have had to drive back because of work without seeing him. He came back with only a few men; he thinks they forgot about them because they were in Kyrgyzstan for an unseemly length of time before moving on to Germany and were the very last of his group to get back. At his home base barracks, there was no toilet paper or sheets in his room. The door does not lock and the air conditioning unit does not work. They are putting the a/c unit against the door for a lock. He received a small card that thanked him for his service to his country and a gift card from McDonald's. Hm. What is wrong with this picture :-) ?

He says they are terrified of the traffic going by in so many lanes and so fast and that he thinks it will be a long time before he can put a foot on bare ground rather than the tufts of grass that signify no mines underground. What I think is that we should all be nice to one another. I'm just saying.

He will come home on leave September 2nd.


Two Saturdays and the Week In Between

Last Saturday, when I found the two-sided antique quilt in Cleveland GA, I stopped at this cute antique shop on the way:

Also saw these quilts at the same mall in Cleveland:

Have I shown this one before lol? It looks familiar:

I had so much fabric stacked on the stair railings. It was time to fold them and put them away in Stash, but I had so many good combinations and hated the thought of losing them. So I took pictures:

This Saturday's BB CW:

I have good news to report about Day Job. You aren't going to believe how good this is. Day Job resumed last Tuesday. I drove down to that school, wondering how on earth I was going to face even one more hour of its misery, let alone 190 days, leaning over the steering wheel, crying. Nobody was there. I was early. I decided to check PATS, the job listing, for a different position. My current job was listed. Uh oh. Did they decide to put me out of my misery and fire me? This would perhaps be a good time to check work email. Which I hadn't all summer. A terse HR email from a week earlier: "You have been re-assigned to --- School". Holy Sweet Rembrandt!!! Ladies, I grabbed my refrigerator like it was a box of popcorn and zoomed off to the new school. New School is two miles from my house. It is a wonderful location. Not only is there another librarian (so many of the schools have been reduced to one, which is not enough to cover the workload), there are two other librarians. Three??? I am so happy.

Very late for work at LQS, so bye for now.