Zzzzzzzz (not a comment on the virtues of stashbusting to be sure)

Tonight is Stash Sisters class at Little Quilts. Help with stashbusting. Last time, we received a stashbusting pattern for a reversible quilt for which we would pull out two large pieces from our "collection" (I prefer to think of it as a collection rather than stash....stash sounds kinda sinister to me, like fabric collected and stored in a damp, dark alley somewhere...received from unsavory characters with torn coats and dirt tattoed on their fingers). Here's what I'm using, an old Redware and an old Redware Revisited (and maybe there's Redware II in there). I had yards and yards of the blue Redware fabric, easily the longest length of quilt fabric I've ever bought (and I have no idea what my original plans for it might have been; apparently I was visualizing a quilted circus tent), so what a satisfying feeling actually to Bust Into It at last. The third is a new fabric, and I might use the fourth, another old RR. Have one side finished (actually finished) and am starting the other side now. Pics to follow.


a few littles

Hi, everybody, hope everybody is doing fine. Little Women class last Tuesday, got lots of pix but thought you would especially enjoy seeing these two:

Isn't the wavy fabric for the inner strips pretty? Gives it a lot of movement.

Be sure to enlarge this and check out all the dandy fabric combinations on this little quilt by our noble teacher :-), most particularly the upper right-hand block, but oh, I just love them all.


projets pour les BOMs

Little Quilts always runs an applique BOM concurrently with their regular BOM (with alternate colorways), which I have hitherto managed to resist, but this year our own Muriel Pfaff is designing the floral applique and the colors are intended to coordinate with the main BOM in case one would wish to set them all together. I decided to digitize each month's applique and stitch it out in a 6-inch block and likewise am doing the main BOM in a 6-inch block rather than the usual 12". I did this last year as well for the alternate blended colorway, in addition to two other 6" size permutations, and this year the Little Quilts folks are suggesting this as a choice for those who have done several years of BOMs at the 12" size just for something different.

Kaffe Fassett is one of their alternate colorways. Now I've never done anything with his fabric although I admire it very much. I decided to use just one print from each month's choices to do 12" blocks all with the same beigy background (from Buggy Barn) and with this gorgeous Kaffe Fassett cabbage fabric for the outside border. I love it already; what do you think?


Sunday Afternoon

Hi, hope everybody has been having a pleasant Sunday afternoon. In between quilting, I've been editing the commercials out of the Project Runway episodes that were broadcast marathon-style last Wednesday and getting them onto DVDs. Here is my wall hanging experiment: it is supposed to be reminiscent of antique coverlets. I'm anxious to see how it looks with its quilting:

The 2007 Second Saturday Sampler began at Little Quilts. Here are the possibilities for alternate colorways:


Card Exchange

So last night, I was sitting with a friend. I had finally remembered to bring a card along with me that I had gotten for her retirement in December. I had come across the very cute and appropriate card back in August and had "carefully" shepherded it along on a bulletin board, in my car, in my old minivan, under my purse, finally IN my purse, and was so pleased that I could finally whip out this card and give it to her. Well, Cheri handed me a card as well, and not only that, it was this gorgeous vision here from Laura Wilder. If you haven't seen her website, her work is transcendant. This card is from her handmade block print; I do think block print is just about the prettiest visual art form there is. In addition to the graphic quality of quilts of course :-).

Do any of the rest of you have trouble getting your labels on to your finished quilts? Well, moi certainly does, so out of insufferable pride, I wish to display my Finished Label that is On My Quilt.

another visual clue to the ongoing project:


Working From Stash

Okay, so there's a little project underway using these bits of fabric from stash (except for the two stencilly florals). What could it be? What look am I trying to achieve? Show you in a few days. Unless it's a total wipe-out.


Cabin Completed

Don't you love how cats sometimes get mad at themselves for acting cute? Such conflict. It looks like Jack is suffering that kind of angst here.

Sandwiched, hemmed, and tied my log cabin; I'm so thrilled to have actually finished a quilt project. It doesn't happen that often :-). I decided to turn the front and backing in and hem it rather than apply a binding and also decided that tying would be fun in place of quilting.