Scallop Success

Worked non-stop 15 hours on Sunday from 3am to 6pm on that scalloped border. There was only one way to stay On Task:

And huge relief, it is done:


Blocks Accumulate

Well, I'm a happy Dear Jane camper. Another block done...

and only two more to do in the "D row"> :-) .



Two more...

and the scalloped border is going well:
It turned out to be possible to dispense with the fabric glue. That would have been a lot of glue.


Oopsie Doodle

An angel, C., an angel with a longarm, let me come over to her house to get this quilt (destined for the East Cobb Quilt Show) quilted. So far so good. Sadly, in a moment of madness, I decided the only suitable border was a scalloped one following the pattern in the print. Nice, eh? Only it turns out it is not possible to sew the binding on to by machine. Too curvy. So I have resorted to glue and hand-stitching to attach it. Pray for me.

Another DJ block, but it may be awhile before I can do more, since the show looms and I must get the four show quilt preparations completed:


Very Funny Rembrandt

Rembrandt uses my canvas floorcloth as a play tent.

There has truly been a death in the family. This minivan is a top of the line 1995 model and I have had it all of its life. At the time of its death last night, it had some transmission trouble and the driver's door would no longer close (yes, I was barreling up and down the expressway with nothing between me and the open pavement), but it got 23.5 mpg overall and I raised my son in it. Oh, so many scenic drives through the mountains, the camping trips, the soccer games, 186,000 miles of living. At the dealership, I told it over and over how I had loved it and I love it still. I could hear it crying for me as I bought the Honda Fit and abandoned Dear Dear Minivan.

Now I have this. It's okay, I guess. There's no room for my purse and no place to put a drink bigger than a Dixie cup, but it has a power outlet, iPod outlet, and a USB outlet. But I want you back, Old Blue!


Update for Brenda re Berks County Pattern

Hi, Brenda! You are set to "no-reply" and I don't see an email in your Profile...yes, I would be happy to send you just the hand-drawn face on skin fabric and the organdy for the apron since you already have the pattern, for $7 +$1 postage = $8.00. If you would just like to send a check, that will be fine since I don't have that option on the website.

Jo Showing Prim Ports at Schoolhouse: YouTube!

What a delight it was to wake up this morning to find out about the Andover Schoolhouse videos on YouTube and that they include Jo showing my three Primitive Portraits partway (about midway) through this one:

Oh, Jo! :-)

I added kit versions for four of my patterns this morning; all four of the kit versions include the face for the figure in the pattern hand-drawn by me on enough fabric to complete the head and whatever body sections are visible :-).

Album Quilt 1870 includes a nine-block panel section from Jo's fabric From Lucinda's Window and the single block that the little girl is holding in its hoop (blocks will probably vary from cover photo).

Berks County 1850 includes the hand-drawn face, skin fabric, and organdy for the apron.

I have two new patterns that have silk matka as the central background for the applique picture; these patterns include the hand-drawn face/skin fabric and the section of silk matka, prewashed. See pictures on sidebar at right of these four patterns, plus they are on the website.

One of my apple trees on this wonderfully rainy morning; it could be rainy like this 24/7 in Georgia if I may put in my order for that :-):