Hello my Name is Karen and I'm a Hoarder

Last Wednesday, it occurred to me to get a booth at the upcoming doll show at the Cobb County Civic Center on Saturday. Was there a problem with getting together enough inventory? My dears, no, when you are a Hoarder it is easy:

And was there a problem getting this much stuff into a Honda Fit? Again, no problem for one who knows how to pack and stack. Luckily, the show went very well and was not done in vain.

Meanwhile, a Les Fleurs class Show and Tell:


Les Fleurs #6

Zowee, got Les Fleurs #6 block done for next class:

I Spy a Rembrandt:


Show and Tell - Repro Divas

Our Repro Divas leader kindly emailed me her photo of my heart swap from last month:

Last Sunday, my dear friend C. let me come over to longarm quilt the Inca Gold:
As C. said, what a miracle to walk up to a longarm, and walk away from it four hours later with a quilt completely quilted. Thank you, C., you are incredible! Monday morning before work, I put on the binding. This quilt busted 7 yards from the stash, yay.

Repro Divas met last night! Here is M.'s George Washington quilt. Amazing, eh? Martha (and what a darling Martha) is holding a letter from George, who is (again) away:

B. is making this as a gift. Couldn't bear to give it away myself:

Our extra project was to make a galloping pony-like collage, so there were several mini dresdens rolling around the classroom (will show the morning group's later). Here is mine:

K. did keep BB's gp collages from Morning Group, so we Evening folks got to see them in person:

Aren't they adorable??

T. gave us each a present: a wonderful template to make mini dresdens with! Thank you, T., I was visualizing as I made my one dresden how nice it would be to have a stronger template:

A few of us actually made the main assignment, which was a quilt from Lori Smith's Fat Quarter Quilting:


Marcie's Inca Gold and Brenda (Dear Jane) Papadakis

Two good Saturdays. Today, I finished a large quilt top that I have been working on since last Sunday using Marcie's Inca Gold pattern. Sorry, Marcie, couldn't get the bottom off the ground there:
Marcie's directions are wonderful. I didn't want this to get put aside until it was completely done, so I just kept at it.

And last Saturday, Brenda Papadakis was at Little Quilts! Here she is posing with my Dear Jane center section:
I really enjoyed having a word now and then with Brenda as I worked that day. Brenda is passionate about fabrics and mentioned several quilts of all types that she is very interested in making just in the little bit that we talked. I'm glad I got to meet you, Brenda!