Show and Tell - Repro Divas

Our Repro Divas leader kindly emailed me her photo of my heart swap from last month:

Last Sunday, my dear friend C. let me come over to longarm quilt the Inca Gold:
As C. said, what a miracle to walk up to a longarm, and walk away from it four hours later with a quilt completely quilted. Thank you, C., you are incredible! Monday morning before work, I put on the binding. This quilt busted 7 yards from the stash, yay.

Repro Divas met last night! Here is M.'s George Washington quilt. Amazing, eh? Martha (and what a darling Martha) is holding a letter from George, who is (again) away:

B. is making this as a gift. Couldn't bear to give it away myself:

Our extra project was to make a galloping pony-like collage, so there were several mini dresdens rolling around the classroom (will show the morning group's later). Here is mine:

K. did keep BB's gp collages from Morning Group, so we Evening folks got to see them in person:

Aren't they adorable??

T. gave us each a present: a wonderful template to make mini dresdens with! Thank you, T., I was visualizing as I made my one dresden how nice it would be to have a stronger template:

A few of us actually made the main assignment, which was a quilt from Lori Smith's Fat Quarter Quilting:


KC Quilter said...

What amazing eye candy! Love your posts always.

Julie-Ann said...

Wow. I love your work! I am totally impressed by all of the other ladies work, but yours is awesome! What fun projects ya'll do.

Lori said...

What a fun time of show and tell and what beautiful quilts!!
The collages are so cute!!!

Karen said...

The Washington quilt is a very creative design and I like it very much. Your group is a very talented bunch!

buttonsagain said...

karen...the photos are great...is the martha quilt marty's?...i LOVE it...and is the pinwheel quilt in brown and beige and turquoise yours?...i didn't love the one in the book...and i was very busy big stitching the market basket quilt...but now i really want to make the pinwheels too...AND your gp collage is so
bee-you-tea-full....simple and filled with grace...
sending hugs...bb

Deb said...

I love your Inca Gold quilt. And I think it's great that you could quilt is yourself. I would love one of those machines but just don't have the room. My SIL bought one and it took over her master bedroom!!!

That Martha Washington quilt is amazing and so much fun to look at. And I love your Dresden framed piece. What a cute idea!

Love all the pictures on your post. Really some eye candy!

MARCIE said...

What great stuff! The dresden projects are darling! Your embroidered heart is amazing! And look at Inca Gold all cranked out on the long arm! That looks like quite the back put put on it! And it is done!

Quilts And Pieces said...

What eye candy! I LOVED that blue star quilt - your right, I don't think I could give that one away!

Heckety said...

All of these are lovely to looks at, and I especially like the heart thingie at the top. I really like old sampler-ish cross stitch style items.
I am so JEALOUS of you getting to long-arm your Inca whatsits- and it looks wonderful too. However I'm not as jealous as I would have been yesterday because last night I managed to un jam the feed yokes on my sewing machine for the first time EVER and behold I have a small top part quilted in a few hours! Hooray! First time ever!

Connie said...

Beautiful quits! the photo are so adorable, makes me want to make one. really enjoy your blog today, will out you on my follower list. HAPPY SEWING!

galloping pony said...

I love the collages with the kid book pages, they're wonderful. And the simple one with Dresden and basket, ordinary days do get a bum wrap don't they?

Barb said...

Great show and tell
I love Martha - what a great quilt.
Love all the project - thanks for sharing them!

Karen said...

I just love Martha! What a great face!

Micki said...

Your quilt is just so stunning..you are so talented!