A Bountiful Life - by Karen of Moose Bay Muses: all Jo!

Karen, whose blog is Moose Bay Muses, is making A Bountiful Life in such cheerful, mostly or all Jo Morton fabrics.  Just look at these wonderful blocks (oh, the colors) and be sure to bookmark her blog for more blocks (she also has a delightful version of the summer's Temecula Star quilt; be sure to look it up).

Holy Cats, these blocks are adorable!!

I don't even know what to say about this crazy Rembrandt's expression and ears.  She is simply from the Dark Side.

Meanwhile, I decided to start a faded-out version of A Bountiful Life and make the whole thing all by myself (you remember that I had many friends making blocks and borders of the book version, although I did manage to make several blocks and two borders, always glad to help out lol):
Faded Out Version, First Block
But I don't know....Karen's cheerful Jo version is very compelling....

oh, and here is this week-end's BB Women's Suffrage block:


Barbara Brackman's First Two Suffrage Blocks

First two...thank you, Barbara!  

The hair has indeed mostly gone.  I got a nice extremely short haircut and at least feel somewhat tidied up again.  The hairdresser was an angel about it.  She knew exactly how I felt, bless her.  Forge on.

Oh, I forgot to take a picture of our meals....Timmy and I ate at the Salt Factory in Roswell today.  It was the most heavenly weather at last; we ate outside.  It's the cutest little crescent type section of Roswell with lots of restaurants, each with a tiny space to eat outside, one at least with an outdoor second-story porch eating area.  Nice.