Barbara Brackman's First Two Suffrage Blocks

First two...thank you, Barbara!  

The hair has indeed mostly gone.  I got a nice extremely short haircut and at least feel somewhat tidied up again.  The hairdresser was an angel about it.  She knew exactly how I felt, bless her.  Forge on.

Oh, I forgot to take a picture of our meals....Timmy and I ate at the Salt Factory in Roswell today.  It was the most heavenly weather at last; we ate outside.  It's the cutest little crescent type section of Roswell with lots of restaurants, each with a tiny space to eat outside, one at least with an outdoor second-story porch eating area.  Nice.  


Doniene said...

Oh Karen, I love your first two blocks!!! Your are so very creative!! I'm enjoying the SAL, too!


Impera Magna said...

Incredible blocks... truly amazing!

Sheila said...

a fabulous beginning, those birds are amazing... Are there any "Aliens" left in Roswell?

Lori said...

Your blocks are amazing!! Love your fussy cutting!!
Sorry about the super short cut. Glad your hairdresser was an angel.

O'Quilts said...

Wow...I was going to leave a comment about the hair thing...how life is so annoying sometimes...and then I saw the awesome blocks...you have motivated me...oh, yes..

Me and My Stitches said...

Sending you some hugs! Your blocks are awesome - love the fabrics.

Libby said...

Beautiful blocks - you have an amazing stash and do amazing things with it *s*

Robin said...

Lovely blocks, I haven't made mine yet but am anxious to make a start.

MARCIE said...

I am so out of it. I didn't know that BB had another quilt going on. Your blocks are amazing. Glad you feel good about your haircut experience and sorry it had to come to that. Keep clam and forge on!

Mary said...

Karan--so sorry to hear about your hair. My hubby is going thru that also. I miss his bushy eyebrows altho the hair on top is starting to grow back. Your blocks are so wonderful! I need to check out BB and get on board. Sending blessings your way.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I love your fabric choices for your blocks. Do you know the designer and the name of the fabric line? I think my blocks are kind of ho-hum so far.
I am also working on a small version of A Bountiful Life and it's a lot of fun. Thanks for a great book!

Karen said...

The Jo Morton fabrics work very well for the quilt. Thanks for a link to Karen's blog. She does nice applique and I am sure there will be more to see in the future.

Jeanne said...

Jo's fabrics are perfect for the Bountiful Life blocks. I absolutely love them. Thanks for sending a link.
Your BB blocks are super cute, too. I'm behind already.

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