Bulloch Hall Quilt Show

I want to give my heartfelt thanks to all who left comments on the last two posts and to everybody who has been helping me in so many ways since I got the diagnosis / surgery / chemotherapy.  I didn't answer everybody who commented; the chemotherapy and showing up for work is about all I can keep up with at the moment, so I hope you all understand and know that I loved hearing from all of you.  The nausea pills do a pretty good job, but between the bizarre side effects, threatening nausea and exhaustion, well, it is an altered reality.

I have no idea how many chemotherapy cycles I will have to do, or radiation, but radiofrequency ablations have also been added to the mix.

Going to the Bulloch Hall Quilt Show is the first activity I've done this year lol!  A hearty thank you to Muriel, Kathie, and Kathy for this treat.  Oh, also we ate at The Salt Factory in Roswell beforehand; the food is delicious.  Quilts and antiques that caught my eye at the show follow.  Bulloch Hall is the 1839 childhood home of Theodore Roosevelt's mother.


this old one is my favorite in the show:

attic steps:

the gorgeous attic floor:

I love this one:

a tiny one:

doll bed:

Yes, these tiny squares are appliqued: