DJs and Rembrandt #2

Two more DJs:

Rembrandt wrote about his second book:

if you would care to leave a comment over there and I do thank you for supporting this cat's school project (!).


Watering the Tulips

Hi all, my Pennsylvania Dutch girl, Rebecca, is watering the tulips with her ironstone pitcher from the farmhouse kitchen. Needlepunch pattern is available on : Folk Art Children


Thank Yous All Around!

Rembrandt (looking quite cerebral here because he has been improving his mind through reading) wants to thank you for all of your wonderful comments on the first post on his blog; how kind you all are to take the time to leave ideas and good thoughts for his reading assignment! Thank you all. He made his own first post just now:

Well, Rembrandt may be having fun at school, but these past few weeks have been the most ghastly work-wise of my life. I guess I've indicated before that I'm not happy in this day job of mine. No need to go into details but just wanted to say that in the midst of all of this misery, first I realize how nice so many of you have been to leave comments for Rembrandt, which warms my heart, and THEN a gift package arrived in mail from PEG!!

I simply could not believe it. This was a gift for completing (some!) of the Finish Five by the end of July Challenge, which I totally enjoyed in itself. These gifts were wrapped in the floral fabric at bottom right, which I absolutely adore in itself and must use for something. Two Australian quilt magazines, one even with a hot mitt! I adored looking at those magazines. Need I mention that the Choccy Snakes, which I had never heard of in my life and are chocolate-covered jelly bellied snakes, disappeared right away? What a great snack. And look at all the fabrics! I love them all and think they will go beautifully into Dear Jane blocks with plenty to spare for other things. And Vegemite.....Vegemite....now I've never had Vegemite before and will try it quite soon :-) . Peg, Peg, you absolutely made my day with your generosity and I thank you!
Oh and look at the cool Australian stamps!


could you leave a comment on Rembrandt's Reading Blog...?

Hi, am hideously late for work, but am doing a reading blog project for school (school librarian at Clarkston HS Clarkston GA)....will have this little Rembrandt replica in a Madeleine dollhouse keeping his blog, reading, etc.....if you have time could you go leave a little comment on the first post...thank you all!



More Show and Tell Little Women in the OTHER Classes :-)

Round Rembrandt:

Photos sent to us taken by our noble leader from the two other sessions of Jo's Little Women:

I LOVE this one, don't you? :

Ha ha, I know who made these placemats, I was working in the shop when she brought one in; please note the adorable border choice! :

Akkkkkk these wonderful colors, and the darling gingham LOVEIT :

and this one, too, talk about covet :

that heavenly cheddar :

Okay, now I'm hungry :

and this one is an antique find, isn't it wonderful....

and three more Dear Janes...

Son, as he is packing to go back to college and holding an all-too-familiar plastic container:
Mom, what is fabric softener for again?

Mother (flatly): You don't need it.


A new version of Patchalot's Williamsburg Medallion

Isn't this a pretty version of Marcie's Williamsburg Medallion? This was done by a Little Quilts' patron; please see it on the Little Quilts blog, along with a really special tiny quilt.
Did two Dear Jane blocks...


Jo Morton Little Women Show and Tell

Class members brought their Baby Whig Roses last night; aren't they wonderful? This first one is all wool:

Notice the divine use of Jo Morton Toast fabric for the background:

Gorgeous colors, ahhhhhh:

And this from our noble leader:

Just look at the Jo sheep background and the greens in this, to-be Irish Father Christmas:

Until next month, we are ... Jo's Little Women :-) !


At Long Last Prairie Basket

This is Jo's Little Women quilt, Prairie Basket. Earlier post didn't come up when I searched for it, but this is the second time I've done the applique center and is a UFO from long ago. The first time the center block and surrounding blocks wouldn't fit together and enough time had passed that I thought I could do a better job on the applique (which was horrible), so unbelievably enough, I did it over:

This has been laying around for months or possibly years, so really it's thrilling to finally have it assembled.

Rembrandt and I were working together in the basement. I was so surprised to see that she had carried her nail upstairs:

She certainly is fond of her toys. She collects them and stores them in the bottom cubicle of her kitty tower. She especially likes my chalk and bit of towel to use as chalkboard eraser. She also found some attractive fabric and a Christmas lights hook:

Jack staring ominously at Rembrandt:


Whig Rose Block Done

Hooray, it's done. I'm so glad my homework is done for Jo Class next Tuesday :-) . Who else from Little Quilts' Little Women Club has her block done?? Now to set it. I don't think I'll go the Broken Dishes route as the pattern indicates.

I used the 1/4" bias tape maker for the vines, which works beautifully, except they come out a bit too wide.


Applique, Hiking, and Flexi-Cats

I gave the four cats their monthly Flea treatment squirt in the middle of their shoulder blades, where they can't reach it. Turns out Rembrandt is still so flexible she could do that head-revolving scene in The Exorcist no trouble, because she was licking the medicine right off that spot that no cat can reach.

So I put a blouse on her. She was not happy:

Finally got a start on the Whig Rose applique for the next Jo's Little Women class. Not my forte but I like it so far. Oh, the A word. This block will finish at 10" square.

Have been doing some hiking lately in north Georgia. This is looking off Black Rock Mountain:

This is on the Tallulah Gorge walk; looks rather quilty, does it not?

This is Anna Ruby Falls with Timmy. He has a tan from being in Florida recently with friends. He also has hair, which the ROTC Marines at Georgia Tech will soon shear off him. Dang, I love his pretty blonde hair: