While You are at Paducah...

A few of my patterns plus samples will be in Little Quilts' booth, at the Pavilion. Please stop in and see them:

"Crazy" Doll Quilt:

Homestead Toile:

Buttercups and Braids:


BB CW #16, #17, Study in Amish, and Repro Divas Past and Future

BB CW #16:

and #17. This is the Comfort Block, or comforter, so I tried to make it look like a tiny comforter with a Red Cross on it and added a few comforter ties:

Wanda C. made the Shipshewana Amish pattern from last month's Study in Amish class:

and now has a set of three from the class patterns. She plans to make the fourth one, the Arthur, Illinois, Amish quilt. It's so much fun for me to see my patterns made by others besides me LOL and aren't they darling??

Show and Tell from Repro Divas.
I made this bed quilt, inspired by the one like it in the Infinite Variety armory show. Sun shining behind it, washing it out. Background is actually a pretty golden print; dark fabric is a Morris Tapestry:

Rembrandt doesn't even have to show up at Repro Divas to get a present (from Becky):

A cute brown tree block:

Heavenly, by Muriel:

The adorable little birds!:

Enlarge this! The batik background! By Janice. It's too perfect:

Just look at this. Blocks from the recent Repro Swap, made by Muriel. The border. Really, could you die??

This Show and Tell from Janice is a quick quilt from a jelly roll. Very quick. I forget how you do it. You probably all know. Something about sewing them end to end, then snip snip and you have a quilt!

at an antique mall....:

This is for the next Repro Divas; our assignment is to make the Civil War Scraps quilt from the Kathleen Tracy book:


Vacation Week Almost Over

My trusty pal Rembrandt kept me company this week while Day Job was not in session (may it adjourn forever):
If only that cat would stay away from the blackboard chalk. It is her favorite toy. I put it more out of reach and she just works harder to get her paws on it.

So many chores this week, i.e., get broken furnace repaired, get recall taken care of on the Fit, get oil changed, mow lawn, color hair, clean, get haircut, do taxes (oops didn't go that one yet), try to reserve lots of time for quilting. The power went out for 18 hours on Tuesday, so this with the fact that the furnace had been broken for a week and a half and it had been quite cold in Atlanta, made me throw my hands in the air and go for a nice drive in north Georgia for the day. What a gorgeous day for a drive!

Here are the two quilts that Study in Amish attendee, W.C., has made. Aren't they gorgeous? This is the Holmes County quilt:

and this is the Lancaster quilt:
Last session, Illinois, meets later this month. I have loved doing this series.

BB CW Block 14, Fox and Geese:

and BB CW Block 15, Ft. Sumter:

Karen, at Log Cabin Quilter, spotted the tattered crib quilt on eBay and thought it would be fun to remake; I had thought the same but did not get started until I saw her darling quilt on her blog. Heaven forbid I should miss anything quilty. It was no joke trying to figure out the proportions, even with the help of EQ. There are discrepancies here and there and although for a while, I held the design to the original size that the seller said is 17x19", it would not last and finished at 18.5" x 21" instead:

Made this purse. This was no picnic. Although to the best of my knowledge, I followed the directions, it turned out massively crooked on one side and I don't know how it would have done otherwise given the directions. I guess the theory is that it would pooch out equally on the opposite "side" (which was the middle point of the fabric) but this did not happen for me. Had already wasted a great deal of fabric in the following of the directions and wasted more in cutting the side a bit straighter. You can still see the slope on one side. I really LOVE the idea of the gathered tiers, though, so am pondering how it could be made so it would be even and also waste less fabric:

Found a little 50s Ginny at an antique mall for a mere $25. She is a good Ginny with nice color and her bent knee walker mechanism still works great, her head turning happily from side to side as she walks :-). The little (tennis?) dress has an Alexanderkins tag. I don't know how old it is but assume it is also from the 1950s. Are there any 1950s Madame Alexander experts out there? Now I need to keep an eye out for the Medford Ginny dress that the bloomers match. I am pretty sure I do not have that dress.

Here are the other two quilts that my friend, Cheri Gilleland, quilted for me in a simple meander a few weeks ago. I love them!