While You are at Paducah...

A few of my patterns plus samples will be in Little Quilts' booth, at the Pavilion. Please stop in and see them:

"Crazy" Doll Quilt:

Homestead Toile:

Buttercups and Braids:


antique quilter said...

thats great new! Hope they sell very well AND you get lots of hits to your website to buy some of your other wonderful patterns
good luck
now too bad you weren't going too!

Mad Red Hare said...

I live along the Ohio in Southern Indiana and they are saying "catastrophic". YIKES! I would love to make it Paducah this year!

Libby said...

Paducah is squarely on my 'someday' list . . . . just not this year *rats*

Jill said...

I will look for your little quilts. I hope the weather holds for those of us traveling to Paducah.

Gretchen said...

Hope you sold lots of patterns at Paducah!