Post-Cancer Surgery Recuperation

Hi, everybody.  Tomorrow will be two weeks after cancer surgery; am home now recuperating and Timothy, bless him, is home for the second time on leave to take care of me.  I can tell you, I didn't have a clue what I was in for with this slow recuperation.  If the blessed employees and patrons from Little Quilts had not rallied instantly to help me, it just could not have been done. My co-workers from school, Robbie and Ann, did the same: they called, they came over, they brought things, just like the Little Quilts family.  The school secretary came over and so did Valerie, 2nd in command at Educational Media from work.  They all brought supplies.  My neighbors, Cathy and her mom, said just let us know what we can do.  My longarmer friend, Cheri, who lives in a different area from LQ, visited, brought flowers, and brought homemade vegetable soup.  So many brought homemade food.  Muriel from LQ drove me many times to the hospital, she came to visit, she started a Care Calendar.  The last time she brought me to the doctor, I got a prescription for pain medicine that I can take, Muriel got it filled, and this has helped.  How true it is that quilters are the most wonderful group of people ever.  I want to thank everybody by name but my face is breaking out in sweat as I work on this.  I am so overwhelmed and so very, very thankful.  Thank you all for your enormous help, your time, and your good wishes.  

The book seems to selling well and I was so delighted when I saw it a few days ago.  I even got to sign some copies for the shop :-).  The quilt is hanging now at the shop.

Here are two scrap houses I made for the sew a long before going in for surgery.  Love you all.



A Bountiful Life Goes BOM and Jigsaw

I learned today that two quilt shops are offering BOMs for A Bountiful Life: Homestead Hearth and The Cotton Patch.  

And if I may, please take a gander at the glowing description of the book in the Little Quilts email newsletter (which by the way you may want to sign up for if you are not already receiving it; it's fun and has the latest):

So this calls for a jigsaw of one of the blocks from the quilt; this block was appliqued by Wanda Hizer, office manager and Appliquer Extraordinaire at Little Quilts, Marietta GA.  Click 
here, open the zipped folder, click on the game, begin play.