Turn, Turn, Turn

I am looking forward to getting back to quilting, including the BB Suffrage blocks and to my Judie Rothermel contest idea, which looks SO pretty.  My studio is so gorgeous and bright and I want to use it.  Every day, I think, am I up for it today?  

A few ornament favorites...Marcie and her daughter put the lights on this tree.  Then Muriel put on the ornaments the next day.  
I decided to stop taking chemo drugs.  What I didn't understand is that there was never any hope for a cure.  It wasn't until I went for a second opinion that the dear man explained this to me.  I wouldn't have put myself through so much misery later in this year had I understood this was not heading towards hope of any cure.   So I tried one more chemo drug, it poisoned me, and I decided to stop.  I got pain pills yesterday and am glad to have them.  I may have a few months left, really do not know.  I hope I surprisingly live on a few months longer.  

So, the daily routine is one of hoping the last chemo will clear out enough that I can quilt.  And of course I have other things to do.  I literally have angels around me helping me.  Timothy is being wonderful.  Still making me laugh.   
I don't plan to dwell on the sad part of this, in fact, this is probably the last mention of it, so I hope you don't drop me as a blog to read.  I won't be a drag, honest. 

For instance!  I had no idea The Waltons reruns were on TV.  

So I have been building a library of episodes with huge delight these past few days.  I forgot how much I loved that show.  I just love everything about it, including how they cope with being cash-poor during the Depression.

A dear friend sent me a copy of Jeanne d'arc Living Christmas, which is what my studio is like (just love the white shabby c**c like crazy):

Then what should happen but Jo Morton sent me a copy of her latest book and it is SO good.  Now I have the best inspirational books around for white with slight touches of red.  Thank you, Jo! 
Till next time (maybe a little piecing).



Just look at this amazing small quilt gift from Marcie.  Isn't it darling?
Marcie came by to visit on Friday and Saturday because she was visiting her daughter, Jennifer.  I was in pretty bad shape and they cleaned my bathrooms for me!  They haven't been that clean since last January and I can't tell you, girls, how grateful I am.  I also need cleaning tips for that downstairs bathroom because I can't get it nearly as clean as you did.  Comet?  Steel wool?  Jennifer also put lots of lights on my tree  so I am extra-grateful for that, too.  I probably shouldn't have pulled out the Christmas stuff since I still am feeling fairly bad.  

While I was snoozing in bed, helpless, Rembrandt chose Kaaren of Painted Quilt and Quilt Hollow as the giveaway winners; congratulations to you and for finding favor with that crazy cat.  If you can get your mailing addresses to me today, my friend Muriel who is visiting to help with chores might be able to get these ready; otherwise, it might take me a  few days to be able to get to it.  

I'll do an update after awhile on my health.  It isn't good and I think I need to let you all know because so many of you have been so kind to ask and send good wishes and I can tell you are kind of wondering why I don't say anything much about it.  

So talk to you later!  Karen


Giveaway Results: I'm a little under the weather

For anybody who is awaiting the giveaway results, do not despair, but I have been sick these past two weeks and do not know how much longer it will go on since I am on a new chemo drug.