Wisconsin Fabric Haul and WI Sightings

So here are the fabrics that I got on the recent Wisconsin Quilt Shop Hop.  I adore everything I got, which includes some delightful sampler linen and some red velvet.  Also Primitive Gatherings had some scrumptious Japanese fabric that was marked down a bit.

Here are the patterns I got.  Adore all of these.  Isn't Spot the Horse irresistible?

And here is the Sue Daley wall hanging to flimsy stage:
I love it!  But I hated doing those 1/4" on the side hexagons!  I created them by not only gluing them to the template but gluing them to the background :-).  Then it was inevitable to tack them down with thread as well.  

Quick and unscheduled stop at an antique mall fortunately led to finding the vintage cardboard suitcase (and an early 1900s cotton nightgown for only $9).  Seen at this mall, and please explain to me........why was this necessary lol......?

A quilt for sale...

Then it was off to the Cheddar Antique Quilt Show at the old farmstead (Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts).  Others have shown the wonderful quilts, so I will just show my arty shots of the exteriors:

I believe this is the first shot at Ye Olde Schoolhouse; lots of good shots of that so will show in next post.


Temecula #4

This is what I propose to do with the Temecula 2012 blocks:

This week, I got an old bed and a new mattress set for the express purpose of storing my quilts, both old and new, on the bed.  Ah, no more fold lines as I long as I store them like this:


JJ Stitches Quilt Shop, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Now I knew from reading biographies of Georgia O'Keefe that there was nothing left to see of the fact that she grew up in Sun Prairie, but I still was excited to drive through her home town for the first time.  Here are photos of JJ Stitches, another wonderful shop!  Street view:

The 30s Feedsack section was set up as a baby nursery.  Great idea!  

Wonderful samples high on the walls:

Lots of vintage suitcases, unfortunately NFS.  All kinds of other nice goodies here and I made a very nice haul.

We got an excellent dinner at Market Street Diner while still in Sun Prairie, but also some very important dessert, two pieces of Carl's Cakes.  You'll understand why from the photo of the pastry case :-) :

They had a tiny free lending library inside the entrance: 

Gorgeous Midwestern scenery leaving Sun Prairie, on to the next destination, Primitive Gatherings!!

No photos allowed at Primitive Gatherings!  All I have is the guardian crow of the bathroom light switch!  But you all know about Primitive Gatherings, much more than I do, and it is worth a lot to make time to go visit it.  We even got to go see the 4-space booth all set up in one of their warehouses as it would look at their next show in California, which looked fabulous!  I was good and didn't take a photo there either although I could have sneaked one as I did the Guardian Crow :-) :

Next up are a few shots of the farmstead where the Cedarburg cheddar quilt exhibit was shown and our visit to Ye Olde Schoolhouse, a very special and wonderful shop.  I have been making a kit from Ye Olde, one of Sue Daley's patterns, and hope to have it finished or at least to flimsy stage by next post. 


EQ Slide Show and More Country Sampler

Have you ever used Electric Quilt's EQ6 Slide Show utility as a way to look through your EQ6 and earlier quilts?  It's fabulous!  I always wished there were some simple way to browse through all of my EQ quilts at one time without opening folder after endless folder.  Lots of good ideas hiding back in there!

Okay, let's whisk back to the Country Sampler.  Sorry for the fuzziness of some of the photos:

A pretty scene, just how we want our homes to look at night...

There's that Brown Egg Farm sampler by Notforgotten Farm that I have wanted to stitch.  Somebody went and stitched it!

Delectable textiles for decorative accents:

Soulful lady...

The bed displays, both full and shortened, just made the shop and gave it such a perfect ambience.  Love the bed curtains and dying for the pillow cover:

Gasp!  What a shelf display!

Whoa, back outside again.  We got to check out some quilts in the classroom area at the back.  Scrumptious.

Whoa, back in the shop.  We were darting back and forth, drunk on Primitive.  You don't lose body parts if you're only drinking Primitive.

Wonderful fabric and enticing displays everywhere, all primitive, all suprem-o.

Ai, there's that great bed again!

Back to the classroom.  We are spinning out of control :-) .  Window display:

Cheater cloth so gorgeously quilted that it is looking very un-cheater:

A bed display in the classroom.  The reverse colorway of the pillow cover on the bed inside.  Swoon and die:

Whoa, spinning around outside again.  I could live here in a heartbeat; it faces Country Sampler!

Country Sampler vegetation and gorgeous stone wall:
Okay, next time on to JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie.