Quilt Identified

Happy Halloween!!

The quilt from last post is identified. The maker herself was innocently blog-reading and came across her own quilt. Here is her email:
"Hi Karen,
The (mostly red) quilt on your 10/28/07 blog (which by the way the blog is great and I really enjoy it) is mine - it is from a primitive class with Fran House at LQ in the winter of 2004 -- your picture was probably taken from the 2005 ECQG show. Fran designed a raffle quilt for the 2003 show and then taught a class using the design with variations. I then finally finished the quilt with more variations and original border design and exhibited it in the 2005 show.
Last week I took a class with Barbara Barnes/LQ on the 'big stitch'...when your blog was the only true wonderful reference I could find on the internet with great pics.
Let me know if you have any more questions about "Everyday Applique" the quilt's title. Buy the way I was just catching up on reading your blog when there it was...quite a fun surprise."

Isn't that great to know? The maker is not sure if she has a full-size photo of the quilt or not, but I'll post it if she finds it.

I've been doing some rearranging of my sewing room and other rooms in the house, including my art room, trying to make things look more presentable as well as functional :-). I've been straightening my stash areas (old jelly cupboard and a few closets) along with the general fix-er-up and the fabrics look divine enough to use lol.


looking about

While googling about for something else, noticed these outstanding Guardians of the Temple.

My "Quilt Ideas" folder still had long random numbers attached to some of the photos from when I managed to pull them off the reformatted hard drive last summer. This one

is identified as being from the 2006 Cobb County quilt show, but does anybody recognize the pattern? Lori Smith? Wouldn't it be scrumptious to pull out fabrics for this color scheme from one's stash? I know it's there.

This looks like the blooms are One Block Wonder style; does anybody recognize the pattern?


Pencil Sketch

Oh dear, it's very difficult to catch such a beautiful subject, but here's a sketch of one of Lucy's beautiful DDs, done from her photo in this post.

I actually posted some artwork to artprimitive. What a busy bee.

And Tonya, I like this clever bunny, which made me think of your Halloween posts.


Similar But Different

Show and Tell quilts from several weeks ago:

This antique dresden plate, plate sections and edge cones all pulled from stash don't you think?, is so nice.

Emails from DS at Georgia Tech:

(7:30am) Hi, Timmy...the boy who has your cell phone just called me; he said you had left virtually every valuable thing you own behind you in the ROTC room when you ran off to go to some other class. He doesn't know where you live to return these things and apparently I don't either, because I could not remember your room number. I need a little more contact information for you besides your cell phone, especially since you and it can become separated.
Love, Mom

Hi, Mom! I left that stuff back at the ROTC building, but I've got it all back now. Before that, I was locked out from my room though and couldn't wake up any of the roommates, so I slept in the (anxious editor's note: filthy, greasy, pestilence-ridden) hallway.

My room number is 147.

I'm coming home Saturday to get my social security card. I'll carry it with my other valuables.
Love, Tim

While DS was home, he showed me this youtube video of a friend of his down the hall. When you see it, you will understand why I say I hope these teen-aged boys are similar but different, but oh is it funny. This boy's roommate set up a camera in an unobtrusive place and filmed him. This young man takes his computer games seriously: YouTube. As it gets more violent, you will notice that he has two computer monitors.

Oh! This youtube of musical syncopation is so darling!


Odd and Weird: Not a Problem

I thought just the other day that fellow blogettes had realized (correctly) that I am lousy at being tagged for these MEMEs. I was relieved because these things stress me out, but somebody who obviously does not know me tagged me: Elsie! So OK, Elsie, I will give it a shot. Seven weird/odd facts about me. This will be a cinch.
1. I can touch my nose with my tongue. Easily.
2. I can remember things from when I was a year or so on, so it makes me mad that my 18-year-old son cannot remember trips that I, the devoted single mother, took him on when he was several years old. Or even last year.
3. I have always enjoyed taking tests, including the SAT.
4. I can write with either hand and also upside-down with either. If only I could generate income with these talents.
5. Elsie's first fact about herself reminded me that the doctor told my parents when I was born that I might well turn out to be retarded because my head was so big. They just laughed. He didn't glance around at the family group; we all have big heads.
6. Uh oh. I'm running out of steam. My favorite TV shows are Monk and Haunting Evidence! A movie I watch over and over is that PBS version of Oliver Twist! Oh wait, wrong MEME.
7. Thank goodness, the last one. One more weird/odd thing. At 56, I can still put my foot behind my head. There!!!

Another view of the longarm quilting:

Recent quilty book purchase:

These cool (as opposed to warm) reproduction browns are destined to be the baskets in the next Jo Morton class quilt:

And here is some Big Stitch quilting. Fabrics pulled from stash. First time I've done this and wow is it divine to do. Talk about quick gratification and it looks great, too:

Here's where I fall down on the MEME job: I don't want to tag 7 people. I am obnoxicity itself.


Lovely Quilting

Got Lazy Afternoon quilt back from my Longarmer Friend, who so kindly quilted it for moi, pics below, isn't it lovely?? Feathers done freehand. She is just beginning her longarm business, so if anybody is in need of a good longarmer located in Lilburn GA, email me for contact info.

Oh, let me interrupt this blog to give you a link to a YouTube video done by my co-worker (in my day job), entitled The Cautious Gardener. That's her husband officiating.

Back to Quilty Blogness. It was a stellar night of Show and Tell at Stash Sisters last night. Regardez:

Wonderful Positively Pineapples. Oh, how I wish I would get mine done. I love them so much.

Table topper done by same quilter. She got the fabric for borders last night and it's going to look so cute. This was done in a class.

This was done in a class at Paducah, I believe the quilter said. Three borders remain to be added. There's a method for doing the border that makes it speedier, which is called Anvil or something like that...?

Aha, gorgeous Lori Smith blocks. These are being done in a monthly class taught at the LQS.

Cute or what?? This quiltmaker has three children under the age of 5, so guess who this is for? She says the kids (those who can walk) are carrying this all over the house and you can imagine how much they love it.

Quilt done from LQS BOMs (where would we be without these internet-based acronyms lol?); the new Jo Morton star fabric got reprinted just in time for her to use for border. Quilter is going to send this home to her mother, where it will be in the guestroom so she will see it on visits.

Done by same quilter, in a LQS class...Christmas treeskirt.

This was done via an online BOM. The color combinations are just fabulous. I know I've seen this online, but can't remember which shop. Does anybody recognize it?

Last but not least, a very cute needlepunch turkey!


More Show

Having bad internet problems that dear Comcast says it cannot possibly investigate until next Thursday, so will just thank Patti for the very cute pattern she sent (The Happy Rick Rack Quilt) that looks like a fun pattern and a stashbuster for sure; thank you, Patti, for your generosity! and also hope that these quilt show photos post:



Still busy with working at the LQS, both in the shop and making shop samples, also off to LQS classes. Here is the Jo Morton pattern we'll be working on for the next Jo's Little Women class:

and here are Show and Tells from previous Jo projects:

(oh, this one is by our Noble Leader)

Here are a few Show and Tells of non-Jo patterns. Is this not a beautiful version of this Lori Smith pattern?

A Christmas-y one:

One for a new baby. You would not believe the adorable quilting in this one, including a bear, a cat, a little boy, etc. A truly inspired baby quilt:

Same maker made this gorgeous, huge quilt from all reproduction scraps:

and had it custom-quilted:

Received my eBay purchase, enormous lot of vintage patterns, 32 of which I'm keeping and 42 or so I'm going to resell. I got so many darling patterns in this group, can't wait to make one or two things to wear from the sizable fabric-for-clothes stash collection that I have...haven't sewn clothes for beaucoup years:

It was jackpot day for the mails. Received these sale fabrics:

and these:
Oh, and my longarmer friend may begin quilting Lazy Afternoon today. She had a brilliant idea for the quilting pattern. It is going to look so pretty.