Similar But Different

Show and Tell quilts from several weeks ago:

This antique dresden plate, plate sections and edge cones all pulled from stash don't you think?, is so nice.

Emails from DS at Georgia Tech:

(7:30am) Hi, Timmy...the boy who has your cell phone just called me; he said you had left virtually every valuable thing you own behind you in the ROTC room when you ran off to go to some other class. He doesn't know where you live to return these things and apparently I don't either, because I could not remember your room number. I need a little more contact information for you besides your cell phone, especially since you and it can become separated.
Love, Mom

Hi, Mom! I left that stuff back at the ROTC building, but I've got it all back now. Before that, I was locked out from my room though and couldn't wake up any of the roommates, so I slept in the (anxious editor's note: filthy, greasy, pestilence-ridden) hallway.

My room number is 147.

I'm coming home Saturday to get my social security card. I'll carry it with my other valuables.
Love, Tim

While DS was home, he showed me this youtube video of a friend of his down the hall. When you see it, you will understand why I say I hope these teen-aged boys are similar but different, but oh is it funny. This boy's roommate set up a camera in an unobtrusive place and filmed him. This young man takes his computer games seriously: YouTube. As it gets more violent, you will notice that he has two computer monitors.

Oh! This youtube of musical syncopation is so darling!


MARCIE said...

Your son is hilarious!(And you are pretty funny too!) I am really enjoying his e-mail. Does he know you share? Anyone who has a son who plays video games has seen that little demonstration. That kid was really beating up his computer!

Libby said...

Oh the e-mail exchange is priceless. Reminds me of a phone conversation I once had with The Princess on how to use the broiler in her oven. First I was trying to determine if she had gas or electric which after many queries finally led to the question, "Does it make fire, honey?" *s*

Maybe the young man with the computer game should sign up for some yoga or meditation with deep-breathing classes.

loulee said...

It's good that your boy keeps in touch and doesn't let you worry! ;-)

The birdie is one cool guy! LOL

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Love the email exchanges....and please may I link to your blog..I love the pics of all the quilts on your blog. Thanks. Colleen in South Africa

Thimbleanna said...

Aaah, Karen, I love your notes from Georgia Tech posts. Aren't those kids funny?

Pat said...

Just wanted to say hi and that I'm mother to a GT graduate. He's been out for quite a while now but oh... the memories these e-mails bring up! LOL.

I remember having to get a log on to one of the games he played online just so I could find him every now and then to say "hi".

These kids work hard.. not a surprise that they play hard too!

Love your quilts and your art... glad I happened to stumble across your blog!