Lovely Quilting

Got Lazy Afternoon quilt back from my Longarmer Friend, who so kindly quilted it for moi, pics below, isn't it lovely?? Feathers done freehand. She is just beginning her longarm business, so if anybody is in need of a good longarmer located in Lilburn GA, email me for contact info.

Oh, let me interrupt this blog to give you a link to a YouTube video done by my co-worker (in my day job), entitled The Cautious Gardener. That's her husband officiating.

Back to Quilty Blogness. It was a stellar night of Show and Tell at Stash Sisters last night. Regardez:

Wonderful Positively Pineapples. Oh, how I wish I would get mine done. I love them so much.

Table topper done by same quilter. She got the fabric for borders last night and it's going to look so cute. This was done in a class.

This was done in a class at Paducah, I believe the quilter said. Three borders remain to be added. There's a method for doing the border that makes it speedier, which is called Anvil or something like that...?

Aha, gorgeous Lori Smith blocks. These are being done in a monthly class taught at the LQS.

Cute or what?? This quiltmaker has three children under the age of 5, so guess who this is for? She says the kids (those who can walk) are carrying this all over the house and you can imagine how much they love it.

Quilt done from LQS BOMs (where would we be without these internet-based acronyms lol?); the new Jo Morton star fabric got reprinted just in time for her to use for border. Quilter is going to send this home to her mother, where it will be in the guestroom so she will see it on visits.

Done by same quilter, in a LQS class...Christmas treeskirt.

This was done via an online BOM. The color combinations are just fabulous. I know I've seen this online, but can't remember which shop. Does anybody recognize it?

Last but not least, a very cute needlepunch turkey!


Gail said...

You have some great pictures to share again. I need to get over to the shop soon, but life has been rough recently.

Ohio Quilter said...

love the pictures, the longarmer does some awesome work~~ just beautiful. Makes me want to sew~~

Erin said...

everything is just so nice! what a beautiful job your longarmer did on the quilt for just starting out! I also love your turkey! I too do needle punch! I should put some on my blog, never thought of it!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

thanks for the Youtube link! That made me laugh!! I knew there was a reason to avoid house plants and gardening...too risky!

Karen said...

Your pictures are great. I love the lazy afternoon quilt.
Then, I went to see the Curious Gardner, oh he's a real hoot. I really enjoyed that and got my first laugh of the day. Thank you for sharing.
All the quilts you shared with us are just lovely. I love all the colors that were used throughout each quilt.
Have a great day and thank so much for sharing your quilting life with us. As a new quilter it gives me lots of inspiration.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh thanks for the show and tell! It is always fun to see all the fun things! Your new longarmer did a wonderful job! I can't believe she is just getting her business started. She did a wonderful job!

Thimbleanna said...

Your Lazy Afternoon quilt turned out beautifully! Give kudos to your co-worker -- funny, funny video! Thanks for all the show and tell lately -- you've shown some fabulous quilts!

meggie said...

Wow, what fabulous goodies! Thankyou for sharing them all.

loulee said...

More fantastic quilts.
Your lazy afternoon is included in that statement.
Thanks for sharing all of this with us.

Tazzie said...

Such a sensational lot of eye candy! Just wonderful!

Unknown said...

Great quilts and and quilting. Love the turkey. Thanks for sharing.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Wonderful pictures, Karen. You inspire me to get to work!

btw - You've been tagged! Find out more at my blog: http://elsiequilts.blogspot.com/

Have fun with this, and my apologies if someone tagged you already!


Libby said...

Beautiful quilting . . . you always have the best show and tell *s*

MARCIE said...

All those beautiful browns just turn me on! Wowzers! Thanks for sharing!

margaret said...

The longarm quilting certainly turned out well - wow, a reversible quilt!

Needle, Thimble and Thread said...

I just saw a very similar pattern at Bonnie Blue Quilts. The pattern is called Stones of Franklin. It had a pieced border and the cols are very dark. The block looks like the Union Star block. I thought it also looked a bit like a Carol Hopkin's repro quilts. If you find the online source please pass it along. Thanks!

Cher said...

my sister lives in Lilburn! what a small world it is...I live on the other side of the country-too bad.
great quilt photos!