BB CW #36 and the Homefront (Rain?)

Am glued to the interactive radar map and praying that the rain does not bypass Atlanta. Am expecting a break in the long-present 90s daily high at last.

Went to an Open House last week-end in my neighborhood; we were asked to remove our shoes. There are my red moccasins, the only shoes with orthotics :-) :

At the last Prairie Women session, Muriel P. showed us a Color Cubes game from her childhood, where you arranged the cubes to make various quilt blocks:

Here is Show and Tell from the last Repro Divas class (now called Vintage Design Group):

This is mine, done with some of the Petite Ecole French General fabric I recently found in north Georgia:

Latest BB CW block:

And the quilt so far:

Best of all, Timothy is home on leave. He emerged from the MARTA station looking the same as ever, misleading because he had some incredible experiences (some tragic) as you can imagine, was in a lot of combat, and is only still here by luck. We spent the day together yesterday. He is celebrating his 22nd today in Athens with friends, including a friend with the same birthday:


Me and My Stitches said...

So glad that Timothy is home - give him hugs from all of your blogland friends! Wonderful quilts and blocks - thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

Also waiting impatiently for Lee! Happy Birthday and Welcome Home Timothy. Hope he finds some frivolity in Athens today! Football fans are likely a little subdued!

Libby said...

Happy Birthday, Timmy!

I hope you get your rain *s*

Vivian said...

I hope that everyone needing rain gets a satisfying rainfall, or two, out of the storm.
Timmy is looking good! Happy birthday to him.

For our granddaughter's birthday, we found a Melissa and Doug wooden toy with the same general idea as that antique toy. Hopefully she's having fun with it.

Nice fussy cutting on the CW block.

Betty said...

He looks great! None the worse for wear and tear...thank goodness.

MARCIE said...

Big hugs for Timmy! So happy he is home for you to love and take a breath of relief!
Your block is wonderful! Your quilt is filling up!

Taryn said...

Your son is so handsome! Enjoy your time with him. I hope you liked the rain. It's up here now and we really don't need any more of it. I enjoyed seeing your projects. :)

Lori said...

I bet it was awesome to hug your boy!!