Not Dead Fred

Well, as Not Dead Fred sings in Spamalot, I'm Not Dead Yet (listen to it on youtube if you aren't familiar with it: David Hyde Pierce (Niles on Frasier) has a job of piling up the plague victims and Lancelot happens along; it is the funniest thing.  I do have to go for another dang, er, blessed, treatment in a few minutes, with no end in sight.

No time for Show and Tell from Vintage Design Group, so that will have to wait until next time.  In the meantime, Kimber of Heirlooms by Ashton House posted a photo of Patty Barrett's A Bountiful Life (scroll way down).  It is heavenly and I believe I detect a blue ribbon on it.

I noticed that Marcie has a favicon by her blog name.  I wanted a favicon!  So I tried four different images with the time that I was going to use to try to get my last design wall up.  Oh well, it will be there waiting for me when I start feeling able again.  Meanwhile, can you tell that my favicon is a little girl's face (from one of my paintings)?  

Here are the design walls I have been working on all week plus newly-painted walls and trim:
The two narrow ones are 2x8'; the one on the left (only part shows) is 8x8'.  These three are on foamboard with white felt covering.  On the far wall opposite, I am working on a 6x12' wall that is simply cotton batting with white felt over it.  I will be all fixed up for design walls for a while, won't I.

Does anybody know the name of this quilt block?  A few pop up when I google Lilies of the Field or Lily of the Field but I'm not sure if that is correct, seems like more images would pop up if it were.


Pat said...

It is Carolina Lily. You can see a great quilt using this block in the book History Repeated by Betsy Chutchian and Carol Stahle. No affiliation.

Lori said...

Nice design wall! I need one that is bigger.

MARCIE said...

Nice and clean looking room! Impressive. so glad you are still kicking. Good luck with treatment today. What a fun little block!

Libby said...

Kudos on the favicon! I have one and it took me WEEKS to figure it out *argh* My family remains *amazed* that I am able to keep this blog with my limited computer skill.

Thinking only the best of thoughts as you head into the latest treatment.

Betty said...

What in the world is a favicon? I probably should know, but I've led a sheltered life.

I think you're right...that is a blue ribbon and the quilt looks great to me...a non-quilter. I bet your book shows up at the Houston Quilt Show this year.

Karen said...

I see you have an answer of Carolina Lily with a reference to a book showing it. Barbara Brackman's Enclyclopedia does not show Carolina Lily looking like that but we all know that quilt blocks go by many names. I see one in the enclyclopedia that has a half square triangle in the corner where you have a square. Says it is The Oak Leaf or The Historic Oak Leaf. And I just found the same block as your design as Autumn Leaves (by Nancy Cabot).

quilter501 said...

I am blown away with the genius of your Grandmother's Choice blocks. I think I have even commented before. But knowing you are ill makes them even more impressive. Just know I have only positive thoughts for you....and am inspired by your creativity.

Mary said...

Karan, I love reading your blog and pray that all goes well with your treatments. My hubby is going thru that also. We celebrate high white cell counts! I am coveting your design walls. You did a great job with them. I am wishing you healing and good health from Virginia.

mereth said...

I've seen this called English Ivy, and sometimes Tea Leaf. There were some beautiful examples in the old Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilts magazines. It's on my to-do list and I've already drawn up my cutting plans... one day.
Hope the treatments go well, just keep thinking of all that lovely design wall space you have to fill up with projects. Keep your chin up if you can and I'll be thinking of you.