The Day Before

Oh boy, I got a few things done, including three Dear Jane triangles and two BB CW blocks:

Got the next row of BB CW blocks sashed along with all of the cornerstone rows. All that remains is doing the final row of blocks and final assembly. I have a gray Stonehenge set aside for the borders.

All of the right side triangles are done, so I may put all of those together. Dear Jane is happening again!

Also, this wicker chaise lounge has been sitting in the carport for months, waiting for me to repair the broken supports underneath and the sprung reed coverings on the legs. Somebody threw it out and of course I dragged it home, thinking that it has just that right shabby chic gray patina. Out came the gorilla glue, the duct tape, companion supports to lash on next to the reglued broken ones, and the fish line and it may be fixed. Sit down slowly and carefully :-). I scrubbed it and sprayed it with Lysol, bought it a nice Poang cushion from IKEA, and inside it came:

Online jigsaw puzzles. Fun and pretty!

Finally, here is a quilt top that I got on eBay:
There's lots of nice fabric in it.


KC Quilter said...

Oh, I do love that wicker chaise!!!! My kind of "thang"! And wow, you've made good use of your time off!!! Love all the blocks. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Lori said...

Love those DJ triangles!!

What a fun project- you did good with the lounge chair.

Susie said...

Quilt top looks great in a pile...bet it is even better opened up for a full view.

Barb said...

your triangles look great, I love the purple one.
The puzzle is fun too!

Libby said...

Gotta love those 'drag home' pieces. Just proves that one woman's trash is another woman's treasure! Happy Thanksgiving!

Sheila said...

great work, Love seeing your CW blocks, can't wait to see the finish (even though it will mean the end of this wonderful year together.) Your DJ triangles are terrific. Is the tiny triangle, on the Hearts one, pieced or reverse applique. I have just done mine and just appliqued it. It does not look as crisp as yours.

Gretchen said...

Love the wicker! My kind of project. Your DJ triangles are to die for--love them. I need to get working on CW again--catch up on sashing and the last two blocks. Hope you had a grat Thanksgiving with Timmy.