Last Vacation Day

Well, ladies, I fell off the NoBuy wagon on Saturday, I may as well tell you, and in shame I removed the NoBuy graphic from my sidebar. The plan is to buy no more for the rest of the month, but this occasion was a Farewell to Summer visit to the LQS since it is not very handy to reach at any time and now that I'm on my work schedule again, I can only get there on the occasional Saturday, most likely only for the monthly BOM. So I'm sort of on a LowBuy for the Year plan rather than monthly LOL. But that is good for stash reduction and my checking account. I needed a few spools of basic color Aurifil thread, a few Clover white marking pens (if you haven't tried this pen, it is a dream come true for marking on dark fabrics, see pic further down), and some FQs for this pattern that I've been wanting to make forever from my Pattern Stash :-) :

Here's the pattern:

Does anybody happen to know which fabric is in the borders, the one with the green background? I believe it's a Moda and I can find fabrics that are almost identical but don't think I located the same one yet. I just do not have anything in my stash that is right. Maison de Noel and Faded Memories both have fabrics that are very close, but this pattern is older than those lines.

I'm so happy, I have all 12 blocks from Folk Art Applique close to completion, just have the last two to finish up as you see, and all of these fabrics are from stash; in fact, one thing on the list for the Farewell Visit was to look for a few colors that I didn't have for the last two blocks but they weren't at the LQS either, so I just kept on struggling with trying to match colors from stash as I did throughout these twelve blocks and I think they look fine even though I kept feeling I was compromising on some of the colors:

I'm hoping to finish up those last two blocks today and perhaps even get them all sewn together today; I don't have enough of the background black for the strips in one length so am hoping to piece the outer borders from the remaining stash. Also if you can see those two small blocks in the front, those are the start of 70 swap blocks for the Jo Morton list, all to be done from my Jo Morton stash collection. I didn't have a light Jo Morton, though, for the central part where the signature goes, so I tried using Color Remover on two fabrics, thus and thus:

and got some background colors. Not as light as I would like, but okay.

Thank you all for your supportive comments re last post about my painted floors; oh dear, it's just hard to even think about but I did want to say thank you for your kind thoughts.


Gail said...

You are getting lots done- and which LQS had the sale? hehe- I'm not doing no buy!

Juliann in WA said...

those fat quarters and the new pattern are lovely - they would have tempted me to fall off the wagon too, but I like your plan of keeping your purchases in check over the course of the year - on the scrapbooking board, some of the gals give themselves points for using up stash and that translates into money they spend on new supplies - that way if you don't use it up,you don't buy anymore

Linda C said...

Don't hang your head in shame--just take it easy the rest of the year if you can.

I see you have a kitty helper as well--pretty cat!

May Britt said...

Your new pattern is so beautiful. I can understand you buying fabric for that new project. I did not enter the "No buy in august", because I know I can't resist new fabrics and patterns. Though I should not buy anything just now, because buying a new house this easter. And I love your cat. It seems that all quilters have helping cats. I do so.
Hugs from Norway

Libby said...

Don't hang your head in shame. If a girl has a need -- well, she just has a need. It doesn't appear you went overboard at all. Your purchases look great. Look forward to seeing the finished projects.

Anonymous said...

Karen, that fabric in the border looks like an older fabric from Robyn Pandolph when she designed for Moda. I love your Folk Art Applique and your Yo Yo experiment.

Finn said...

Hi Karen, it's certainly not the end of the world as we know it, and you had good reason to get what you needed. Maybe what we all need is "get out of jail free card" for one slip-up. If it were up to me, I'd give you one..*VBS*
The blocks look great, and what an accomplishment to have come this far all from stash!!! Love you little black furred friend *VBS*

Hanne said...

Do not be hard on yourself with the buying. Climb up on the wagon again if you like or do it whatever way you like. I for one will not slap you with a wet FQ ;-)
Your primitive blocks looks very good. It will be a wonderful quilt when it is done.

just jenn said...

I think you did very nicely on the color removing. I never had thought of doing that to a fabric that needed to be lighter. I might just have to try it sometime.

ForestJane said...

Instead of climbing back on the wagon, just load your fabric on it. :)

I love the way your cat's eyes pick up the gold border of the quilt she's laying on.

The Calico Cat said...

Aww, kitty does like his kitty quilt! (The border fabric is Robyn Pandolf, I think.)

Judy said...

My what a beautiful cat!!

Love all the fabrics! I have both those greens and love them! I think that redqwork pattern is too cool. I can't wait to see that quilt finished as it looks really interesting.

Anonymous said...

Georgous fabrics & pattern. Love Pink & Green. Also, that's a great quilt to do list you've got going there!

Just found your site today & will definitely add you as a quilt favorite.