Dimensions and Ratios

Hi everybody! Am showing some of the signature swap blocks today. And here is the current BOM block...

The directions used this quick method of making Flying Geese for this 12" size block:
No-Waste Method. I am making a 6" version of each block as we go along and tried several times to figure out the dimensions for this method scaled down to a 6" block. Does anybody know how to do the math for this?. For actual pattern pieces, if necessary (since I use EQ), I subtract the 1/2" seam allowance, divide the dimension in half, then add the 1/2" seam allowance back on. I did ratios. Shouldn't ratios work? Nothing seems to work. I decided I could start with the final drawing in the method, draw it to scale, then gradually work backwards with scale drawings and maybe that would work, but unfortunately no time last night what with doing my daily drawing and painting (!). I'll keep working on it.

Here is my growing pile of scrap strips. I toss them under my cutting table (aka drawing table) as I work on various things. I still have in the back of my mind that great idea of creating a quilt a year from scraps of fabrics used for other projects...forget who had that idea or wrote about it.

Absolute devastation. Filters at work are preventing me from seeing any blog pages. Absolute quilt ring blogs withdrawal.

Thank you for your kind comments last post including re my new "work a day" art blog. Laura asked me about my art background. There isn't much to tell, not much training, but I have been drawing and painting since I was young, with the constant frustration of not being able to spend enough time on it due to the unfortunate necessity to earn a living. I did major in art history in college, along with history, and those art history courses were wonderful. Oh dear, I'm going to be late for work, must stop. I'd just love to talk about myself all day long :-).


Melzie said...

neat looking block looks like its walking. xoxo melzie

Passionate Quilter said...

I don't know the No Waste method that you are using, but the formula for Flying Geese is that the width of the "goose" is twice as long as the height. Therefore for your reduced size of 6", the goose would be 1 1/2" x 3". Add 1/2" for seam allowances.

Mary Johnson said...

Only one quilt per year from the scraps?? I could make as many quilts from the leftovers as I made during the year.

My scrap bin keeps growing no matter how many quilts I make from it.

Hanne said...

Only one quilt a year from scraps ?? Mine are breeding by cell dividing and I can make as much from scraps as I can from my other fabrics ;-)

Re. Your Flying Geese.
Check out this web site for the no waste method and the math.

Marlublu said...

Karen, I know how you feel about your son leaving you. I was an only child,just me and my mom and it took many many years for me to get over leaving home.We depended a lot on each other and that made us very close.Love your work.

Triller said...

Hi Gaston..I sawd you ober at Bonnie's Blog. Your right...Cats do not need purses. But dey DO need Shoes! Jus ask Chelsea!
Karen..Mum says to tell you dat she really likes your Painting A Day fing.
You are berry talented!
Maybe she should do dat wiff her digital art.
Your frien,

Laura said...

Karen - I have the same problem with work filters!

Thanks for telling me a little about your background. I am quite fascinated with all that you do. You really are quite the artist!

Judy said...

Don't you just love that gold you used for the siggie blocks!! I got the gold and the dark green in that print! They look so good. I love all your paintings and especially that you used a flower in your picture!

I've seen that geese methos but not known how to figure out the demensions for the blocks. But I think working backwards will work when you are tired and busy. Give it another try and you'll get it. Then share!! LOL!!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Do you still need help with the block and the sizes? I could help you no problem! I do the no math geese all the time. Sorry I wasn't on sooner to offer - it has been a busy week!