Tobacco Silks Quilt

So, here we are in the 3rd day of NoBuy Month. I feel fine, just fine. Really . Especially when I look at this list of projects for which I already have fabric lol:

Got the next two Folk Art Applique (Lori Smith) blocks made:

While rearranging my bedroom, I found this flannel quilt that I finished a few years ago in my small blanket chest:

Remember when they put out the flannel reproduction fabric of the antique tobacco silks? That's what the flags are. This was a kit I bought way back when I lived in Indiana, at, I believe, Back Door Quilts in Greenwood. That was just so long ago. I had friends over a week or so ago to show them some old furniture I need to sell and Jim mentioned antique tobacco silks being made into quilts as they were looking at the quilts I had made and was working on, and I thought, oh yeah, where is that reproduction silks quilt that I made??? And then it obligingly showed up this afternoon.

Hi, Amy, yes, the Cat Quilt is cheater's cloth, Home Sweet Home by Kathy Hall, Andover. Libby, I do think that would be a deliciously decadent feeling to have whole bolts of fabric in the house, like your backing muslin. Judy, I know that would be such a good idea to keep replacement fabric with a quilt; there's also that idea of making a fabric envelope for the back of your quilt and putting replacement fabric pieces inside it. Tonya! Love the glowing eyes in masks image, it certainly does look like that. Funny how the original intention was that they are flowers; good thing for my Halloween quilt that they look like fireflies and glowing eyes as well :-). ForestJane, the images are copies of vintage Halloween cards with the verses on them that were on the antique cards.


The Calico Cat said...

No, I do not remember reproduction tobacco silks... That is so COOL!

Judy said...

The blocks look good and the board has plenty of things listed to keep you busy for quite some time!!

Good luck!!