Sunday Evening

Thank you, Dawn! Dawn gave me the dimensions for the flying geese no-waste method for this 6" block and voila success:

I've shown these before but this is the last time because happily the 70 Jo Morton swap blocks are finished and ready to mail after work tomorrow:

Chinese Coin setting, that's what it is (re earlier post)! Perfect way to use up scraps. And to have a remembrance of 2006 quilt fabrics. This is near the top of my Be Sure to Make This list.

To answer Sue who by the way has a very nice quilt blog, thank you for asking about my artwork. I'm getting back to my painting this year, and decided that the A Drawing and a Painting blog would be a great way to do it. So far it's a great way to keep on task! I'm going to list one now and then on eBay to see how it goes, especially a full-size primitive portrait. I've listed those in the past on eBay and have done very well with them.

The pull of quilting is so strong, though, that even while I am enjoying myself painting, I think, oh.....I'd like to do some quilting tonight, too.


Linda C said...

70 blocks---you just made enough for a whole quilt, didn't you, LOL?
Interesting block--does it have a name?

Juliann in WA said...

love this block - glad to have seen them before they fly away

just jenn said...

I have just recently finished a Chinese Coins quilt and loved it. I actually have enough coins left over to probably make another one. LOL!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Wow! It looks great! I"m glad it all worked out for you and that I saw the post in time to help you!

So in honor of your flying geese, I made my own Jo Morton flying geese quilt this weekend. Same size geese that you needed! And how funny that you finished all your Jo Morton swap blocks - I feel a theme!

Patti said...

I'm really enjoying your drawing and painting a day blog! I didn't see a way to make comments there, so I'll tell you here. I would love to have participated in the Jo Morton swap, but never would have found time to make all those blocks. Can't wait to see what you get in return and what you do with them!

ForestJane said...

I also like the way the blocks look good against the greenish of your blog background... :)

Hanne said...

70 blocks. Well done.
The flying geese block is cute.