Still Life

This is one reason I am so interested in rug hooking. In this still life, I included one of the crib quilts I have that somebody back in my family made, about 1880 I assume (fabrics are actually tiny prints), as the background and the hooked rug in the foreground was made by my father when he was a young boy, which would make it c.1930. I always thought it would be fun to reproduce the design. I only have a very few things from my ancestors, but it's nice to have even a few things, isn't it?

Oh, Patti, you commented on the Cabbage Rose quilt top; I love everything they have done, too, and I can't wait to see mine finished, either. I'd like to see a few projects around here finished :-). Which is the blue and yellow tulip quilt that you made? I do think needleturn is always the ideal way to go with applique, however, this quilt is fusible and raw edge; half of the blanket stitch edging is by hand and half is by machine (digitized-wise).

Laura, I got more wool garments at the secondhand store yesterday and worked on it again all night, washingshrinkingcuttingup. Still am missing some crucial colors, so I bought some gold and green on eBay and it's on the way. Can't wait to see what it's like.

Dana, I'm not coming across any secondhand wool skirts at all and it would be so much easier. I had a two-piece gray suit in the cart that had not only a large skirt but it was maternity and was so nice and big but I finally decided it might not be 100% wool. I didn't really know that it wasn't, I was just TRYING to know. Pull out one of your wool applique projects and keep me company! And thank you re the wall hanging.


Quiltgranny said...

I love this - it is a beauty!

Laura said...

Glad you were able to get some more wool! I tend to boil some pieces with other pieces to marry the colors together and then I have a wider choice of colors without having to actually dye them. Does this make sense? If not email me.