My kitties are dreaming about that famous cat Triller, who has his very own blog:
Hi, Triller!
The black one doesn't show up as usual; isn't it hard to get a good picture of a black cat. But here she is the first day we got her...on Halloween week-end.

Took a detour from quilting this week-end. Well, I signed up for three classes this summer at the LQS. This year is the first time I've gotten to take any classes! due to poverty and commitments as a single mother these past 16 years, so I'm really tickled at the prospect. One class is on rug hooking (other two are making a pineapple quilt and making a Baltimore album block). Got the class kit and the rug hook on Saturday. Naturally I had to try out the stitching a little bit, which led to an excursion to the secondhand store this morning to look for wool. Got a dozen jackets, washed and dried them, and cut them up and listen to me, that is a JOB. Took all afternoon but now I have a stack of wool for hooking. Drew a quilt block design on the burlap and now I can practice stitching to my heart's content without ruining the class lesson :-). The block is one from a small tattered antique quilt that I have had for years. It's the cutest thing, I'll have to post a pic sometime. I've drawn it, painted it, digitized it, and now am rug hooking it. It looks like a Pennsylvania quilt but I don't believe I've seen quite that same pattern anywhere else (it's just a bird on a branch that's in a pot) although it's a familiar motif. It was so tattered it was only $25 but I bought it for the block design....it has beautiful quilting. One of my treasures. Gail, thank you on the blocks below. I just love them, too. Not sure what to do with them, if anything. I'd like to put them together in a wall hanging but sure don't want to spoil them. I think they need to be gently soaked in a sink before I do anything. K.


Triller said...

Tanks Karen...purrrrr
My Mum say I gonna have a BIG HEAD perty soon.
Your cats is cute all curled up dere.
I will guess dat Ginger is da one at da top an Jack would be da black cat in da middle so dat leaves Gaston at da bottom? Am I right?

*kitty nose rubbbies*


P.S. I am a FEmale cat!!!

sewprimitive karen said...

Hi, Triller! Oh, you are FEmale. Gaston is a boy but he doesn't date much. Usually he's just fast asleep with his nose on the carpet. Actually, we call Jack "him" because that's what we thought he was at first and he sure doesn't seem like a girl he's so ornery and crazy; I didn't want to embarrass him in public by calling him him when he's a she, but oh well we're used to he him. Well maybe they can just be friends with Triller rather than this crush thing :-). But they do really admire Triller's ability as a writer. She tells good stories. K.

Laura said...

Have fun with the rug hooking! I love doing it myself. I by a lot of my wool at the Goodwill store and I agree it is a job to get it felted.

Dana said...

The kitties are precious! Have fun with the rug hooking. Wool is so wonderful to work with and acquiring it can be quite addicting! Search for large skirts, they have more usable yardage than jackets, due to the interfacing. You've inspired me to pull out some of my applique patterns to do in wool. Hmmmm, another project to put on the burner.

Tonya Ricucci said...

Sweet kitties. My black cat is so gigantic he doesn't make for a great pic ever. Looking forward to seeing the Pennsylvania quilt. I love some of those old designs.