Applique Farmyard

First block of Lori Smith's Folk Art Applique. Tried the back basting technique. It might be nice for larger motifs, but this block is only 9.5 x 9.5, ohmy it took forever. Will be doing the rest with, forget what you call it, but where you sew the fabric and fusible web together, turn it right side out, and fuse it on to the background fabric, then stitch it down. That method works beautifully for me.

--Memorial Day and Love for the United States, beleaguered though it is
--that my son and the other older boys were not involved in the fight down at the pool last night (!)
--that I can watch the 90th Indianapolis 500 here in Atlanta, that Jim Nabors was there to sing Back Home in Indiana for another year and that I can dream again of how nice it was to live in Indiana

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