About the Painting

Tonya, thank you re my quilt block painting (May 5th); hunted for the original set of blocks and here are two pictures of the one that includes the face. There are about 8 blocks altogether. It looks like the one next to it has a shaggy hunting dog of some sort in it. I forgot how tiny the individual squares are; the inner squares are 1". Painting is acrylic on a 12" square stretched canvas. You are right, Tonya, I made changes...painted fabrics from some of the other blocks than what are in the "face" block.....I love your photo of the gate and with hollyhocks, no less. Who would have thought there would be hollyhocks in Egypt; on the other hand, why not?? K.


Gail said...

You certainly have found some wonderful folksy/primitive blocks-I love them. Are you thinking of framing them or quilting them? Maybe frame and hang next to the painting you did of them??

Tonya Ricucci said...

Thank you for posting these - your painting is so much more fun. The original certainly has a faded beauty of its own tho.
Yeah, hollyhocks. Pretty darn sure they're not native, but we have lots of non-natives here in this particular area.

Lucy said...

This is so loevely !!