More Potted Posies

O happy day, worked all day yesterday and got the above done on the Cabbage Rose (thank you, Helen, for your comment/encouragement :-) ). The elongated nine-patches were done so long ago (1988?); I was merrily unconcerned then with making sure that blocks came out the correct size. I think those were pre-rotary cutting days as well. So the seams are Cleverly Fudged.

Here are the fabrics for the outer section. The "periwinkle" is more lavendar and the "pine" green is more That Depression Green. I saw a vintage adorable applique design to put in the outer border, so check back later for that. I was wondering what to do instead of the outer border in the pattern, 'cause I didn't really want to do the one it calls for. And this is my dear cat Ginger.

What a difference a few years can make. This time, I digitized the basket of posies applique and did the remaining seven on the machine. Still took all day, though. I am a slow, slow quilter.


Gail said...

Very charming-looks like a period piece. While I agonize over points and having seams match perfectly, isn't it amazing how the 'imperfect' ones are so appealing?

tami said...

Very nice. What do you mean you digitized the basket of posies? Are some of those blocks made on your embroidery machine? I couldn't see a difference.

Catherine said...

i love this pattern...this is another one on my evergrowing list of quilts to make in the future! You did a great job with the colors.