Experimental Quilt

This wall hanging began (and ended) many years ago indeed as a UFO Little Quilts pattern. I had paid it little visits over the years but was discouraged at how it looked. When I dug it out a few weeks ago, it had languished for years with the inner part with the baskets shown below on pink (depression pink, not the bright pink in the photo) with the narrow white border; it was inside the two inner borders that are in the first photo meaning the kind of paisley narrow border and the "that green" outer border that only had the vine on it (with a rusty needle still stuck in it). Don't know if you can tell, but two of the baskets are seersucker, such an original touch :-). Well, the basket blocks didn't lay flat, so I took the inner section out. I'd really like to finish the basket section sometime if inspiration strikes as to what the flower colors and outer border colors/prints should be. Those baskets are rather bizarre but this thing is so old it's positively nostalgic and I'd like to finish it. And it's kind of like a point of honor. Actually, I'm thinking no flowers, just basket handles, maybe all the same color? Any ideas for pulling out this poor thing most welcome. Meanwhile, I designed and appliqued the new inner border and inset it (parrot on pear tree), then decided to paint the leaves on the vine, due to having recently acquired the delectable book American Stenciled Quilts, by Vicki Garnas. The vine now has a tiny appliqued pot in one corner and I put on the wide border with some very stiff fabric that's been around here for as long as the UFO. I love the print, but my goodness it feels like you could pave a road with it. The machine quilting is underway and I'm really looking forward to quilting around those painted leaves to see how it looks.

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Dana said...

I really like your wall hanging.