An Old UFO Surfaces

Oh my, more UFOs have turned up that aren't even on the list. This one is a Cabbage Rose pattern, Baskets of Posies. I love this pattern and the colors. I was really trying to imitate the color choices in the original. All of the nine-patches are done and 6 of the 13 baskets. I want to work on the rest and get this top together.

Mmmm, fabric and more fabric.

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Patti said...

Oh - can't wait to see this finished. I think I have all the Cabbage Rose and the Black Mountain books. I love everything those sisters do, but so far have only done one of them. That was the blue and yellow tulip quilt in a Black Mountain book. But I made the quilt four times bigger and needle turned all the blocks. Looks like you did fusible - is the blanket stitch by hand or by machine?